Aqua cool or aqua white Stonescapes?????

suswelchOctober 3, 2012

We are so torn between aqua cool and aqua white. We are trying to stay pretty light but may want a little color. Finding pictures on the Internet is crazy. Can anybody provide pictures of either? Preferably looking down through the water of the steps so we can actually see the color. On the Internet the same pictures come up for three different colors. Which is which???? Argh. help please.

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I so feel your pain. I'm in the mist of this too. But we are not only trying to pick a color, but a finish too. Are you convinced on the product Stonescapes, because that is one of our options.

I do know that anything with browns or tans will make the water have a green tint. That's what I think would happen with Aqua, but I could be wrong. I've heard that anything with a blue tint will eventually fade to grey with chlorine "bleaching" it. The darker the grey, the darker the blue of the water, especially in the deep end. Can you ask your contractor to take you to a pool he's done in the color you're interested in?

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Here is a picture of Aqua Cool applied in a pool a few years ago.
Hope this helps.

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Here is another, with a close-up of the steps.

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Thank you soooo much blue123. These pictures are a great help. We are stuggeling because we have Noble, Rainforest, Lavendar/Blue with white grout, and thought the Aqua may clash but wanted the pretty blue color. Your photos look plenty blue for us. Thank again!

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4mom23girls, Our pool builder has a stonescapes installer that he trusts to do the best job of even application. Even better than the pebble tec guys that he has worked with as well. We like the stonescapes mini and will have them add more blue to the aqua cool. The regular stone size showes more blue than the mini. If you know anyone with a pool it helps to throw the samples in to see them underwater.

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What color did you end up going with? If it was Aqua Cool is it blue enough?

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