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dalehilemanOctober 25, 2010

Forgive an amateur at ll this but the order and highlighting of thread titles escape me. How do you instantly identify threads which you have started or to which you are subscribed, I can't find the link

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My browser lists the threads as new links when someone posts. Sometimes though, I click on the thread, thinking some else posted something, and see that I was the last poster.


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Thank you Guy for that reply while I apologize profusely for my sometime inadequacies of clarity and misplaced expectations. What puzzles me is the apparent lack of links found in most other board forums such as "New posts," "View active threads," "Your posts," "View all subscribed threads," "Unsubscribe," "Unanswered posts," "User CP," "Quick links," etc etc etc as well as the system behind the title listings such as their order and the logic behind highlighting

Again forgive me for my incompetence in the field of The Algorithm but thank you for your kind attention to my query

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Dale, This forum is just using a much older software that doesn't have all the bells and whistles that the newer forums have. The order of the title listings is based on the date of the most recent post made in that thread. If you look down through the last post dates, you will see they are in descending order, so the threads with new replies move to the top of the list. :)

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