Lighting Round 2 (well maybe 4?)

mirucaApril 10, 2013

Revised kitchen lighting plan based on GW comments - put light over sink, added lights over range counters, and tightened up lights over/near island.

Using 4" Cree recessed lights in 9 ft ceiling. Not sure what the undercabinet or in cabinet lights will be yet. I also want to do some plug mold under cabinets to avoid placing outlets in the range wall ... thanks to GW!.

How's this looking now? Will it matter that the counter lights and the island lights are not lined up?

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bump ... in hopes of comments...

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I will also recommend some under cabinet lighting. My kitchen is quite large so instead of making it a MIB alley the designer I used suggested under cabinet lighting and i was a little uncertain about the whole thing in the beginning but now IâÂÂm happier with it

Here is a link that might be useful: more info about under cab lighting

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Thanks for the link. I do have UCl on the only three upper cabinets - good to know how much you like UCls

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