Drum Roll - I finally finished something!

toolgrannyMay 6, 2013

It seems like this poor project kept getting shoved to the back of the pile but this time I made it - only by cheating and sending it out for the quilting. It started smaller but ended up being a king size and by then I decided it was just too much for me to handle. I wanted a simple overall design and thought it would go to a son. Both sons said no - so now that I have grandchildren marrying, I'm sure it will have a home one day.

My tribute to GrammyP, my Depression Block quilt with Civil War type fabrics:

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Lovely! That's a big quilt! I can understand why you decided to send it out.


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Very nice! Congrats on getting it finished!


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Gorgeous Linda!!! That pattern is on my 'to do' list, I can only hope that it turns out as beautiful as yours.


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Did you drop your sons on their heads when they were little? I would have grabbed that before you got the offer out of your mouth! I can become your adopted older daughter if you want to send it this way. :)


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Love it! Reminds me that I have my Depression blocks to put together. Must pull them out and see if I need to make more! I too could be an adopted daughter if you can't find a suitable home for it. ;)


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It is beautiful!
Congratulations on getting it finished.


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I think it looks really cool! Love your color combinations on your Depression block quilt. Congrats on finishing it!

Best to you,

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It is great. I am a fan of the block and fabric...Your son must has a small bed or he would have grabbed it. It is lovely. TFS.

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Are your sons married? If so, there wives have probably given them what for for passing up such a beautiful quilt. You did a fantastic job and the patterns and colors are lovely.

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Wow, you'd have really been tired if you had quilted this big baby. Lovely job as usual, Linda. You know it'll have a home and will be loved.

(psst...anybody know where Linda lives? Wanna meet me around the corner tonight? Don't forget to wear black and paint your faces black, too. We'll help relieve her of this quilt.)


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Linda, it turned out great - and neither son wanted it? I agree with Jackie, did you drop them on their heads when they were little!??

The colors are lovely.

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And it is just beautiful! I love the depression block because it is simple to make and makes a great masculine or feminine quilt. I know it will find a happy home.


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Do be aware that there may be a tussle for possession when your GSs see it! You just might find them begging you to make another "just for me."

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It's beautiful Linda! Love the colors. Well done... Enjoy it for yourself if your sons don't appreciate the beauty..you can!

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That is beautiful Linda and your workmanship is excellent. I finished one of those recently but can't say the same about mine. The fabric choices are perfect.

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Love the quilt. I fell in love with the block when we did it as Lotto block.

Despite what they said, it's wonderful! I agree with Jackier.

I had a similar problem with one I made specifically for my daughter. I was so excited at how quickly I finished the top that I took it to show her, just the top before quilting it. She expounded, "I can't sleep under that!"

For her tastes it was too busy and would keep her awake! Needless to say, I never quilted it and she still hasn't got a quilt from me. I took it out recently and decided I don't like it anymore either. Unfortunately, her favorite type quilt would be a solid blue, no piecing, with lots of quilting!

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Ah Depression blocks! They make a gorgeous quilt in every color combination I've seen. I really do need to make one.

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