Anyone Experienced using Bali Pops or Jellyrolls?

pirate_girlMay 29, 2011

Hello everybody,

I'm around mostly working, quilting, lurking & enjoying.

Have folks here worked w/ the pre-cut 2.5" jelly roll items yet? I have a gorgeous set of Bali Pops (in Green Tea coloring, from Hoffman) that I've recently started seaming together into pairs.

Linda Oh's blog mentions using these, says the hardest part for her was opening up the package. Me too, it's jut so lushly pretty that sometimes I just sit looking at the unopened package relishing how beautiful this assortment of Batik strips all are. Just stunning, almost too beautiful a display to disturb.

So do others have this interesting, yet odd reaction?

Also, has anyone used the 'Strip Tube Ruler' sometimes rcommended in the "Strip Therapy" series of books (apologies to the author whose name I've forgotten)? I'm toying with the idea of a pattern which suggests using this tool, tho' does offer alternate techniques for those w/out this specific tool? TIA

(PG) Karen

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Check out Moda Bakeshop and search jelly roll recipes for some inspiration. See link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Moda Jelly roll recipes

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I make Daniella Stout's quilts from the Cozy Quilt shop w/out buying the strip tube ruler - I used my 12 1/2 ruler.
I recently made 2 quilts from her patterns- one from one of her books and the other was "Tradewinds". I posted both the pictures on the forum - sorry- not at the right computer to repost the pics for you right now.
Also look at Missouri quilts tutorials on strip piecing. They have a great quilt called "Summer in the Park" (I think). I do like using the bali pops. I don't have a very big stash, so it has been good for me to get all the different batiks - I have added to them with other batiks of fabrics for the look I have wanted.
All the bali pops or jelly rolls, I have purchased have been at really good prices.

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A friend made a quilt last week using Bali pops. She said that the strips were not cut evenly and were not 2 1/2 inches the entire length. She didn't need all the length and was able to cut the pieces she needed from the widest part of the strip.
I have never had this problem with the Moda jelly rolls. I am curious to know if all the Bali pops are that way or if my friend just got a lemon.
Linda OH

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This link was posted on another forum I frequent and thought it was an outstanding way to use jelly rolls. Even if you don't have jelly rolls, cut some fabric into 2 1/2 inch strips and make a really fast quilt.
the video is really interesting.
Gonna try this next time I get a jelly roll!

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Hi Ladies,

Thanks, but inspiration is not the issue, I have more ideas than I know what to do with!!

My question is more on the practical side as Linda responded (that the 2.5" widths weren't consistently 2.5"). Thanks Linda I have heard/read that comment before elsewhere. The author of Strip Therapy offers a solution, which I'll mention later.

I'm looking for other technical issues (maybe the colors ran in the wash afterwards). Maybe it's hard to hand sew 'cause of residual wax (am imagining here, as I won't be hand quilting it).

About the Strip Ruler Tool thingie, that's a bit of my concern &/or working w/out it (as Linda mentioned).

Gotta run, am in the office, there are tornado warnings for NYC, can you imagine, Yikes !

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I'm not a big fan of the jelly rolls or charm squares, I'm afraid.

I think the problem is they cut too many layers at once, and the accuracy suffers. Everything is pretty close, but an eighth to a quarter inch variance appears to be "on specification". The last couple of charm packs I had at least 25% of the squares were 4.5 x 5 - so they were unusable in the quilt I was making. I had to order extra fabric to make up the deficit.

For "bundled" fabrics, I prefer fat quarters - I'm not limited to the 2.5" width, and I can cut accurately.

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I have bought several Jelly Rolls from Joann's I am not sure the brand name and they are always poorly cut. After experiencing the problem once I only buy them if they are marked way down and I trim them as I need for my project.

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I wouldn't call myself experienced using Jelly Rolls, because I've only bought one. It was from Moda, and the strips were very uniform. The quilt I made was called Beach Ball Baby Quilt, and the post is still on the first page of the forum website. It was a fun quilt to make.

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I've never bought any, but was given 2 jelly rolls and one charm square set. I used the jelly rolls to make the jelly roll race quilt from Missouri Star Quilt and it really came out nice. I used the charm squares to make a tote bag. I probably would never buy them, though. I like to pick out my own fabrics for a project, the personal touch is lost when it's left to the manufacturer. As for size or quality issues, the projects I did were very quick and simple so I didn't run into anything.

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