Veterans Day

rosajoe_gwMay 28, 2012

My 21yo nephew in Afghanistan posted that they were all sitting around discussing what Veterans Day meant to them. He is in a young aged troop.

He said this is the first time he has really appreciated Veterans Day, in the past it was just a day to have a picnic!

Dh said he was the only vet in his group at AT&T and he always had to work on Veterans Day lol.

The military is cutting the deployment times short for some, so maybe we are starting to pull out. I grew up on the border of Ft. Stewart and the Vietnam War and we have a large number of military in our town so Veterans Day is a big deal for us BUT I am so ready for world peace.

Thank you to all of the vets and their families!


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Veteran's Day is November 11th so I assume you meant Memorial Day, formerly called Decoration Day. It also honors veterans and the front of my house is covered in flags in honor of our uncle who lived with us and died last year at age 93. He landed at Omaha Beach and men like him are honored all over the cemetarys today as we remember. It's also a day to remember lost loved ones who weren't veterans.

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Sitting here without AC is getting to me Linda lol!!! Yes, I meant Memorial Day!!!!

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Great graditude for our troops and their families for all the sacrifices they have made for us. Both my Bro (a paratrooper) and my oldest son (Navy man) served. I purposely called them to today to thank them, if no one had done that for them yet.


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Memorial Day & Veteran's Day - we should all appreciate the sacrifices the families of all our troops make every single day ~ especially on these days we show our gratitude with flags flying high and parades, too much to eat & drink, and a day off from the normal work to play ~ because we can :)

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