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toddaoOctober 13, 2010

We're building a new pool in Atlanta. Here are the specs:

16 x 32' pool along with an 8x 14' pool including 140' Perimeter, 624 sq. ft. and a depth of 3'6" in the shallow and 5'6" at the deepest portion. Plan will include an 8' x 14' raised sundeck with depth of 8". The raised upper pool will be elevated 18" above the main pool and have a 6' spillway to the pool.

- (1) Jandy MPH 1.5 HP Stealth Pump

- (1) Jandy CL 460 Modular Media Filter

- (1) Jandy Aqua-pure Salt System Generator

- (2) LED Light in upper and lower pool

- (1) 400 K Jandy Heater

- (1) Jandy P/4 w/ Remote control via PDA

- (1) Jandy 1.0 HP In-Floor pump

- (1) Paramount PV3 in-floor system

- (2) Swim Quip Auto Surface Skimmers w/ Equalizers

- (3) Auto Return Lines

- (4) 9" x 9" Main Drains

- (1) In-Floor Plumbing

- (2) Auto-Fill Plumbing

- (1) Overflow

The pool will be part of a new home build. We plan to include structured wiring for home automation, though I'm not sure I feel strongly about the pool control being tied in. Anything else I should change or consider? Would VS pump and larger filter cartridge ultimately prove more economical?


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The larger filter won't hurt. An E-Pump will do it as well as a VS and keeps you in the Jandy line for the extended warranty.


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Thanks Scott...I spoke with my home automation guy, and he suggested the pool and irrigation system not be linked to any of the other home automation stuff. Can I control my irrigation system with the Jandy P4? Otherwise I could just control the irrigation system separately.

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toddao...yes...the Jandy automation system can control 24VAC irrigation solenoid valves..no problem. We use our Jandy P8 to do this as well as control our outdoor lights.

Agree with the automation guy...integrating pool control into home automation systems can get tricky. The pool automation systems have features and capability to control both 24VAC and 24VDC components as well as lockout, delay, priority and other safety features that protect your pumps, heaters and other components that are normally installed on pools. Not programming a home automation system correctly could result in an expensive failure of a pump, heater or other components as a result.

Not sure what type of home automation system you anticipate using. If it can control IP addressable components, then you may want to look at a pool automation system that is IP addressable with the purchase of proper hardware such as one offered by Pentair. This would allow you to access the pool automation system via your home automation system and allow integration that way. This hardware addition also allows your pool automation system to be controlled via iphone, ipad, itouch, or internet enabled computers. Other pool automation systems may also have this IP hardware feature. If you looking at pool automation systems from other manufacturers, you may want to ask them if they have this IP capability also.

It may be worth mentioning this to your automation guy to get his opinion and help with your decisions.

Hope this helps.

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taddao...forgot to mention...for each irrigation solenoid, you will be using one channel. Depending on how many zones you have in the irrigation system, I would recommend upgrading to a pool automation system that had more than the originally planned P4.

This will add cost to the pool automation system so you should price this against using a traditional standalone progammable irrigation timer ($50-$100) or integrating into the home automation system.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks trhought! Good information to consider as I move forward.

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who is building your pool? since I had a nightmare build in Atlanta I am curious, dont want to see others suffer as I did.

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