Tricks for selling your house

adellabedella_usaMarch 8, 2010

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I had sod laid out at my new house a few days ago. The guys told me it was dormant and would stay brown for another month or two. I commented that the sod that was put down at the house down the street a week ago was already greening up and I expected mine to do the same. Anyway, I learned that the greenness of the sod was because it had been seeded with a winter grass. (Fescue I think.) This grass will look nice until the burmuda comes in and then it will die in the heat of the summer. I thought that was a pretty neat idea for these homes that are going on the market for spring.

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We had yellow rings in our yard from dog urine. I bought a grass dye over the internet and would go out and spray it on the yellow grass to make it blend in the rest of the lawn.

Yellow flowers show up better from the street than other colors.

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I thought of another idea. Plant nice scented flowers like a rose near your doors so people smell that when entering.

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