can i paint my hinges?

scrapinsalApril 4, 2008

the backstory: 80's oak, painted cream with glaze. face frame cab with 1/2" overlay.

I want: dark hardware, maybe an orb or aged copper.


1.The only dark hinge i can find (amerock maybe?) is very shiny and has copper areas (that are too bright) showing through.

2.i don't want black

3.i dont want a european concealed hinge for various reasons. (the stiles are too small for the big 35mm cup, the mini size ones only open 90degrees, etc)

The questions:

1. should i use the dark hinges that are too shiny even if they dont quite match the handles i choose?

2. does anyone ever use antique brass hardware? i've seen some with a darker, more aged finish that are kinda nice.

3. can my old antique brass hinges be painted? if so, how and with what products? any pics would be appreciated


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Yes, it's easy really. We painted black wrought iron hinges in a bronzey color. Just wash them well in spic and span first to get the grease off. We used a primer and then a spray paint. First one side, then the other.

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I painted mine many times. Use the paint for metals. Have you tried some steel wool to rub off some of the shine off the ones you like?

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I've used the hammered metal finish spray paint on a few things but not hinges. It's pretty cool stuff and really gives a texture to the piece. I'm thinking of suggesting my in-laws use it on their tacky old brass hinges to match their gunmetal knobs. Hmm, how do I tactfully suggest it?

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I used the hammered metal paint on my hinges. It holds up great.

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Ah, relief!!! When I read the subject line, I was thinking you meant could you just paint the hinges while in the midst of painting the cabinets (while still on the hinges) the same color as the cabinets and I was going to say "In the name of all that is holy, NO!" Again a sigh of relief, pardon for my moment of stupidity. Oh wait a minute, it hasn't been just a moment it has been all day! You may go ahead and proceed to paint your hinges!!!! :)

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You're not supposed to do that LP? Because I'm busy with a new kitchen and that seems to be what the PO thought was best....heh heh (thank god the cabinets were scratched from any usable future!) What a mess...latex paint...and it's on the door hinges as well...that I have to take of myself :(

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I was thinking the same thing as LP, and then remembered I just faux finished my door hinges in ORB! They look great, and I also spray Urethaned them in a satin finish.

I stripped the lovely solid brass hinges first, and once the layers of yucky old paint were off, they actually looked pretty good, just not the look I was going for.

Wal Mart has about the best prices on spray paint I could find.

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My dad painted all of our cabinet hinges in the hallway with a stainless steel looking Rustoleum spray paint and it looks pretty good. It doesn't seem to be wearing off either. Good luck!

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thanks so much for the replies.
LP, thanks for the chuckle. off to purchase spray paint.

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