Final Kitchen Plan--Please Critique!

buildinvaApril 25, 2013

We are ordering in 24 hours! This is our plan for a white IKEA Adel kitchen that is open to the living/dining areas. If you have any advice or ideas, please share! Thanks so much.

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The layout.

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the two 24 in pantry cabs will provide an immense amt of storage... I would probably make the one near the fridge a 15-18 wide unit. If that's not your leaning, then be careful with your aesthetics because there is a lot of cabinetry at eye level due to the pantrys and substantial number of wall cabs. Include glass doored wall cabs/or pull a section out and place open shelving.You're making the sale deadline-good for you--glass doors completely affordable now!

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If it were my kitchen I would consider switching the ref & pantry to have load & unload access to the ref. Is there access to the 24 in. cab on the end of the range wall?

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Can you center the sink? It's off just enough to look like a measuring error.

What are you putting in the 18" cabinet? It looks like an unplanned space filler and is big for a cutting board cabinet. I would change the 30" drawer bank to 36" and give some symmetry to the range wall. The corner cab at 12" will look like an intentional cutting board cabinet.

Lastly, I have to say the window seat doesn't look inviting being so close to the range and being so much in the heart of the kitchen. If the window is high enough, maybe a baking table could go there instead.

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It's faint, but it looks as if those two uppers next to the hood are both glass doors. (Shelves are indicated...) I agree that it's a great idea to add a bit of glass up there.

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Can you swap the fridge and the 24" pantry next to it?

I have a tall and deep pantry but I have not felt the need for a landing space next to it (though I have one) but I really need landing space next to the fridge.

I don't think it will be bad visually as you'll have two tall pantries flanking the entire section.

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You will not be able to open your fridge all the way if that wall comes out far enough to interfere with the door swing of it. That means you can't get the fridge drawers out for cleaning.

To fix, cut the wall back, or simply swap the fridge and pantry. I would do the latter even if the wall is shallow enough not to interfere with the door swing.

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No input but just have to say that I love the window seat! Can picture a friend perched there with a glass of wine chatting while you cook.

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Tracie has an excellent point!

I have that problem with my shallow pantry. It is not a huge deal there because the shelves can be tilted up or down for removal but it would be much worse with a refrigerator as fridge shelves normally only slide back and forward (no tilting).

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Suzi AKA DesertDance Zone 9b

I think you are really going to like your kitchen. Ikea does a great job! My girlfriend had them do hers 3 years ago, and she is still getting compliments!

The only think I'd change in your kitchen is the trash. I'd put it next to the sink, because trash is often drippy, and it's less mess next to the sink. Just my opinion.

Enjoy your new kitchen!

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Although the layout has shifted a bit...two renders buildinva and I had worked on offline to really help picture the future kitchen :

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As desertdance suggested, swapping the dish drawers and trash bin will kill tow birds with one stone as it'd make unloading the DW easier. Then you can center the sink.

I'd also make the island a bit longer as you have enough room (it seems). It will increase your storage space.

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I like seattleCraftsman's plan. The uppers look balanced and the sink is in a better location. With the range moved down the wall, the window seat is out of the cooking zone and looks nice surrounded by the cabinetry.

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Agree with suggestions to swap the refrigerator and tall pantry and to put the trash to other side of the sink and center the sink on the island.

I also like the idea of adding glass doors to a few of the uppers but don't think either side of range is best spot. Usually contents stored there are not so attractive and they'd probably need frequent cleaning from grease being so close to range. I'd put them on cabinets to right by window seat, make that more of a decorative space.

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It is lovely. Very exciting to have reached this final run i can imagine. (Been there and made some mistakes)
Switch the trash as others pointed out. If the fridge can be switched i would do that. With that door style on the fridge, you may find yourself constantly doing many side shuffle steps over and over.
I like the window seat. Live with it a year and see how it works out. I love my kitchen small office. Even with an office close by, i like to sit down at that desk with many drawers to keep it touch with cooking, read/sort mail, check e-mails etc. while being actually in the Kitchen surround. (it could be a nice small built-in desk in the future)
Not sure if that is your lighting plan, but if it is and you have not wired yet, consider adding a third pennant. When installed, allow for extra cord so you can play with the height for a few weeks. It is hard to see what type of prep and cooking shadows will happen. Lighting is often overlooked and can be frustrating. Love my led warm strip lighting running under my cabinets. Reads like daylight and no shadow interference.

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range furthur from fridge is better...either center it or go back to the location you had it.

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seattleCraftsman I'm so glad you posted!!! Your gorgeous renderings are what helped us all fall in love with our space. Thank you again for your work on our behalf! We appreciate your time and talent. I love what you did. I did end up moving the range down because it was the best way I could keep it clear of the sink/DW.

Thank you for ALL of the great ideas! I'm going to be to working on this today and you've all given me much to consider. A couple of things:

I agree about trash next to sink; however, I also want that dish drawer and the DW next to the sink and I can't have 3 things! So I have to pick 2. The other advantage for keeping the trash on the end is that people can easily access it without entering the kitchen.

If I switch the fridge and pantry, then the fridge will be exposed on the right side and I'd have to figure out how to build it in. How would I do this? I'll talk to the IKEA kitchen planner, maybe they have something that I don't know about.

The window seat is mainly for my little girl who loves to sit in my space while she is reading and be close to me. It's also a great use of the window. I think it's going to be a good fit for us for now. I may change it in years to come, but for now, my DD is really excited!! :-)

herbflavor & eandhl--Thank you! I am going to consider your ideas.

sudaki--I love your idea for the window seat too!

sleevendog--Yours too!!

valinsv--great point about the cabs next to the range. Going to have to give that a lot of thought. I do keep some "ugly" things there. I'm planning on frosted glass but still.

tracie.erin--Thanks for the input about the wall! I need to make allowance for that, you are right! I'm going to consider switching the cab and fridge if I can figure out how to make the fridge look built in.

may_flowers--The 18 inch cab will have a door and it will be connected to the 24in cab to its right, so they are treated as one for storage purposes. I'm using an insert from Lee Valley that will allow easy access to both and provide a good use for that otherwise dead corner. This wall backs to the garage, so I can't put a cab in another room...

OK, have to fun to a mtg but thanks so much and please keep the ideas coming!!!

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With the dish drawers, I like this order:
trash, sink, dishwasher, dish drawers.

Left to right or right to left, whatever works for you. Makes it easier to unload the dishwasher.

Beautiful rendering, love love love the window seat!

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Either switch the pantry on the right wall with the fridge or switch the location of the DW to the other side of the sink. Right now, it's in the middle of your prep space. Remember, food goes from the fridge to the landing zone next to the sink, then to wash or wash your hands, then prepped and then the stuff fro prepping goes to cleanup. The DW is smack in the middle of all of that. To separate the cleanup and prep zones better so you aren't battling over sink usage means the DW has to move, or the refrigerator has to move so the prep occurs on the other side of the sink. And you want dish storage adjacent to the cleanup. That means your dish drawer on the perimeter, not in the middle of either your prep or cleanup zones. Adjacent to the cleanup zones. Like maybe a hutch cabinet where the pantry next to the window seat is. Or just to the left of the window seat in all of that wall cabinetry. Not in the middle of the action.

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To the left of the range, can you swap the 30" drawers and 36" drawers so you have 30" drawers flanking the range on each side? The different sizes on each side would drive me nuts. I think it is so sweet your daughter is looking forward to the window seat.

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No new ideas. I just suspect your won't be giving up your window seat "in years to come." Little girls aren't the only ones who'll enjoy being close to the cook there. It's all coming together very nicely and will be a delightful place to work.

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Ever thought about putting dish drawers across the aisle from the DW? Perhaps the drawers across from the sink? I am planning this in my kitchen and I am very excited about the ease of unloading. I hope my kids find it very do-able, too! :)

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Herbflavor--I'm getting as close to center as I can. Thanks for all of your help!

Bpathome--thanks for your ideas! I'm still thinking about the lineup! Luckily I have right up until install to change it. As a procrastinator, this works well for me! ;-)

Green--thank you for your input. I always appreciate your posts because you are so good at thinking through how the space will be used. You gave me a lot to consider (and dream about through the night! -- See my other post on 'kitchen dreams'!!)

Kaysd--thanks for the idea! I did that and it looks better!

Rosie--thanks so much for the encouragement and kind words!!

Momto3--Great idea! I am going to do that with the dish drawer!

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This kitchen is going to be a show-stopper!

Can you make the cabinet over the window seat glass? I think it would balance, and it will be a difficult place to reach, so it would be good display area.

Good Luck!


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