Panic! Showing questions

threepinktreesMarch 14, 2014

So, we were planning on doing our first showing in one week, but I got a call today from a realtor whose client was very anxious to see our house tomorrow evening. My husband and I figured we might as well since she's trying to make her decision very soon. Anyway, over the next 24 hours we're frantically trying to get everything ready. So, a few questions:

--shower curtain open or closed?
--candles lit or does that look too contrived?
--have something baking or not?

Any other hot tips? Things to be prepared for or expect?

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I always like the curtain open, it makes the bath look bigger.
I wouldn't do candles or baking.
Relax, it will get easier.

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A scrupulously cleaned trumps all else. Especially when your home is not new construction. I'd worry more about how my closets look than if my shower curtain is open or closed. Turn on every light in your home. Put a drop of vanilla on each lightbulb--it infuses the room with a subtle baking smell without mess, fuss, or seeming to set the potential buyer up for a "trying too hard", contrived scenario.

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Thanks! I've been purging and decluttering for a while so there's only one closet I might not get to by tomorrow evening. I just cleaned the main floor bath down to it's bones and am going to lock it behind me, not to be opened til go time. The kids are going to grandma's for the day tomorrow since with all six of them here there's no way it would be a shimmering delight by the evening!

My husband reminded me this is not a big deal and we can just consider it a trial run. If she makes an offer, fine, but we're letting her come this weekend to be nice and we really aren't in a rush to sell, so I'm not going to stress if it's not absolutely perfect. We'll have the rest of the week to get ready for the 'official' showings!

Glad to know I'm not the only one to think baked goods and endless candles look a little forced.

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The problem with candles is twofold: a concern about safety when leaving a home with candles burning and many people find the scents unappealing.

There are so many scented candles that cause me to have a bit of an allergic reaction to the odor. I get an instant headache from many candles, air fresheners, potpourri, etc.

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Clean and well maintained is what is important for your quickie showing.

Have your house like you would for a party. Clean and inviting. Then straighten up and clear out clutter as time allows. If you need to empty quickly, put things in your car and under the bed.

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Thanks all! We worked frantically all day and the showing went wonderfully (even though there's still some trim not painted etc....). The buyer said there was nothing lacking in the home :). Who knows if anything will come of it, but it was so great to get the first one done!

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