QOTD 5/30/11 - Which Major Show Would You Choose?

sandlapper_roseMay 30, 2011

Just thought I would toss this quesiton out there - if you could visit only one major US quilt show, which one would you choose? Why? I would love to hear from some who really love a certain show. Do you go with family or quilting friends or has anyone ever just made the trip by themselves? How many miles are you willing to travel to get there? (If this one has been asked before, I am sorry. Can you tell I would like to select and visit a major show. I have been hoping to go to Paducah for years and haven't made it there yet!)


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I too would like to attend the Paducah show. I have attended the International Quilt show in Chicago several times. I have traveled four hours by bus with friends.
Linda OH

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I've never done anything as large as Chicago or Paducah. I've only done regional shows.

I'd like to do Paducah or Chicago or Sisters (in CA). I'd travel to any of those if I didn't have kids, house, & $$ to consider.

For something closer, I'd like to do the Lancaster, PA show at some point...much more feasible.

I could easily go by myself or with quilting friends..either would be fine.

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I thoroughly enjoyed the Houston International Quilt Show, and it was well worth the effort and cost to get there - 350 mile drive, hotel for 3 days (and I don't do cheap motels, LOL). I think it's well worth a trip.

I do really want to go to the Paducah show someday.

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I love the Lancaster PA show, mainly because I love the area and all the great fabric shops. We travel 8 hours to get there. Now that the annual big show in Lancaster is run by the AQS, it is a better show IMO. The draw of reasonable fabric prices and so many shops, plus the great food is why we return year after year. I can help you plan a trip to Lancaster if you decide to go there.

Next year we are talking about going to the Paducah show, which is a 10+ hour trip for us.


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I'd love to go to Houston or Padukah some day. I've flown to Ontario (Los Angeles) for that show and have driven a ways for local shows. There's one coming up in Reno, NV. Sisters is in Oregon, Jen, and someday might make it there as I have relatives to stay with.

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i would love to go to sisters as well. we figured it would be a 3 day trip from where i am driving and it would be with friends. money is a real issue as most of us are retired. wish when i lived in ohio i was more interested in quilting. i could have attened some of the shows. but i did go to amish counry quite often. those of you that get to go enjoy for us to.

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I have only been to Paducah and the New England quilt shows. Both were great but love Paducah. Would like to do the Lancaster show and Houston show but I am getting a bit old for that kind of travel. It is fun to dream though. LOL. Jayne

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Paducah is the show that calls me because I consider it the quilting capital of the world.

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