Remodel and spotter tiles

lilsophieOctober 12, 2013

We are doing a small remodel on our 25 yr old swimming pool. We will be getting colored plaster(I think). All the other finishes are just too expensive. We will be replacing our tile. Right now we do not have spotter tiles on any of our steps. I was thinking of having them put in this time, for something different.
Are spotter tiles dated???
Here's a pic of our 25 yr old pool

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So no one has any comments if Spotter tiles used on steps are outdated now?? I don't seem to see them used much on newer pools, so was wondering all your thoughts on this!!

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We put them in on our new pool (just filled with water). When we sat down to go over details with the builder at contract signing he said some people want them and some don't but most do end up using them. Seems to me that not having some sort of indication of where a step or ledge starts or ends is asking for an accident. No one wants to ruin a nice day that way. I think that as long as the tiles used are not something "cutesy" or "trendy" they are not likely to look dated years from now. Ours are basically the same as the pool edge tiles but cut down to 2" squares and placed so they appear as diamonds instead of squares.

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Hi - Our pebble is being installed today so I can post pictures later. We did put in tile to line the steps. Part of it was for safety because we have a shelf that runs the entire length of the pool to the deep end.

We have 6x6 waterline tile and 2x2 in the same color used in the spa spillover. Initially, we were going to use the same 2x2 for step markers. But, then I saw LIghtstream's Shell Beach glass tile strips. They are beautiful! If you goodl LIghtstream Shell Beach you'll see pictures and there are some posts on this forum from people that have used them. They are expensive but they are my favorite part so far. I don't think they look dated at all. I'll post pictures later today when they are done!

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Thanks for the responces. Appreciate it.
Kcwinz, can't wait to see pics of your pool. I'm waiting patiently lol

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Hi - It was really foggy yesterday but they did the acid wash and it is in process of filling. It looks much better today and will look better as it fills. I have to say the tile is my favorite part - it is beautiful. I stressed over splurging on the glass tile but it is the best part! So beautiful.

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I love it too. Thanks for showing us a picture :)

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