What a Sweetheart Pat Sloan Is!!!

ritaweedaMay 30, 2012

I went to the APQ site for the Monday radio broadcast to listen to this past Monday's show and couldn't find it on the playlist. So I emailed Pat Sloan about it and she actually read it and replied!!! Wow. (They didn't do one for the Holiday.) Anyways, as the English people say, I was gobsmacked. Today the guys are here to replace the air conditioner. Since I'm stuck here I dragged out the quilt top I finished and am working on tying it. Don't enjoy working on fabric in the heat and humidity but also can't stand staring at the tube all day and it's too hot to do housework or yard-work.

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Rita, I'm glad you're getting the new a/c today! Our repair guy made it yesterday afternoon. Fortunately it was a quick and inexpensive repair (this time). The unit is 10 yrs old and he said the life expectancy is 10-12 years, so I guess we'd better start saving our pennies!

I hear ya about doing stuff in the heat & humidity. I tried quilting on Monday but had so many problems I gave up. Mostly just sat around playing games on the I pad.


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LOL!!! We didn't hear from our guy after he said he had to order the part - after 3 messages to him we caught up to him this AM and he said the home owners insurance company refused to order the part.

After Dh was on the phone for over two hours, the home owners told us the guy frequently gets orders confused and he asked for 8 pounds of freon - no part - and it will be taken care of this afternoon. Heaven only knows what he will do today lol!!! I don't have the patience DH does - I would be having a fit - so I let him deal with them.

Now my BIG question is - why did not either one of them call us!!! Glad yours is getting under control!

I have Pat's 'Nickel' quilts and I love them!! Thank goodness SOMEONE in todays worls still knows the value of customer satisfaction!!

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