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jvmagicOctober 15, 2010


we've had three days of 90+ heat and my solar has been on for 8 hrs/day from 10am - 6pm. The water temp has not gone up much (started high 66 or so and now 73).

I do notice that the filter pressure is on the high side 28+ so I'm wondering if this would make the water not turnover as much causing the water temp to slowly rise.

any other ideas/suggestions?

Thanks in advance,


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jv your post interests us as we had considered that sort of heating. From other threads I assume the solar heater typically isn't that effective though we must assume there's a matter of its size so how big is yours and more important perhaps, where do you live

Intuitively 28 lb seems on the high side but I can't believe the filter significantly slows flow though you will doubtless hear from others

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i've had my pool up to the high 80's in the past. I'm in San Jose, CA 95118. I don't know how to quantify the size but I have 8 BIG panels on my roof and can normally get 80+ water temp.

thanks again,


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As to size of panels I recommend reading at the U of Central Florida sponsored Florida Solar Energy Center.


As to PSI values, solar will either require more power (variable speed pump) or reduce flow rates (single/two-speed pump). The amount will value according to number of panels, size and distance of piping, height of panel install, etc. Overall, they are more electrically efficient than a heat pump (for comparable cash outlays).

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how many gallons is your pool?

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jvmagic, many factors affect solar heating. We have 1:1 ratio sq footage panels to surface area and we keep the pool thermostat set at 91 degrees. Now that we have cooler nights it is very important to have a solar cover on the pool at night time. Last night the temp went to 50 degrees and this morning my pool temp is 86 degrees. The pump will run about 4 hrs today to get the temp of pool to 91 degrees. 28 psi sounds a little high. My pressure is 22 psi with solar on. I would think that a higher psi would have less flow but I am not sure what the ineffiency would be. What does your psi normally run? Are you using a solar blanket?
BTW we are in Jackksonville Fl.
Hope this helps

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How cold are your nights? You can loose alot of heat overnight if it is cold outside. Use a solar cover at night and you won't need to play catch up with heating. I am in Phoenix and can gain 6 degrees on a 90 degree day (75% coverage), but loose 3-4 degrees overnight.

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