Replacing a hot tub cover

mmeisnerOctober 25, 2012

I have a Marquis spa/hot tub that has a pretty heavy cover that I'm sure needs replacing. Not sure how old it is, as it came with the house when we bought it.

After calling a few local businesses, and getting quotes in the $500+ range, I found a few online options. However, I was wondering what benefits, if any, of some of the upgrades they offer.

There are two in is for a "double thick" barrier, or another layer of vinyl wrapping. The second would be to upgrade the 1.0# core to a 1.5 or 2.0#. Does anyone know whether these upgrades add life to the cover, and are worth the extra $50 or so?

I'm referencing

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Hot Tub Spa Ratings

My first advise would be to NOT shop by price alone. LOOK AT the actual specs of the cover...and BEWARE of anyone that DOESN'T provide the specs (there's a reason they don't tell you). The site you link to is using 26oz. vinyl. This is some of the lightest weight vinyl used in this industry. They don't bother to mention what the UV and pigment rating is (typically this can vary from 500 to 1500 hours).

The thickness of the cover they talk about, is this the finished thickness of the cover, or the actual thickness of the foam (depending on where and how one measures, the you can measure an additional 1/2" of thickness in areas of folds and seams)?

"double thick" barrier? They don't really say what the thickness is. Best I can tell from their order form, double wrapping it makes it 4mil thick. This would make a single layer only 2mil thick. We, yes I make spa covers, use a 6mil polyethylene. 2 layers would make it a total of 12mil.

poly-laminate mesh underside? This mesh allows all the evaporating chlorine and other chemicals full contact with the polyethylene...quickly deteriorating it and allowing water to penetrate into the foam....but it is inexpensive.

Thread: Marine Grade polyester thread...that doesn't say much...doesn't say anything really. How heavy/thick? UV inhibited?

"Strength: Non-corrosive, galvanized channel bars add superior strength"? How thick? Why don't they tell you?

nough said.

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I have been a hot tub owner for about 20 year so I have bought a lot of covers! The last one I bought was double covered and I have to say it has really extended the life of the cover. It's probably 5-6 years old now and each panel is still completely dry. You could easily create a double layer on any cover by removing each panel after you get the new one and duct tape an additional plastic cover around each panel. What I would advise is buy a new cover similar to the one you have now. When you get your new cover, take the best foam insert from the old one, remove the plastic cover and put it on the roof of your house and forget it for a few months. Eventually it will be completely dried out and light again. Now you have a spare panel in case the seal on one of your two new panels fails prematurely. You can swap them out and dry the heavy one if you have any issues.

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Hot Tub Spa Ratings

In a few months, on the roof, the sun will degrade the foam to a white powder....that will have blown away by the time you need it :-)

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I bought one once from spa cover buy direct dot com. It was about half the price of getting one through the hot spring dealer. I never had any problems with the foam getting saturated but water would get into the cover and it would get heavy but you could hold it open and the water would drain out. Of course they have an optional fabric that is supposed to prevent that. The cover did not last as long as the factory one but it did last about 5-6 years. It suffered from UV degradation of the outer vinyl. I did not maintain it well so I think if I had cleaned it regularly and applied protectant, it would have been better.
The main reason I ordered from them is you don't have to measure. My spa has curved sides and measuring was difficult. Their site just lets you select the year, make and, model. The cover fit well, I need to order a new one and would order again from them.
I just bought the standard cover, no upgrades.

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Yes, I also support Lets comment. Price alone should not be your concern. If you look for the cheap system, you won't be getting enough features with it. I bought my spa cover from The Coverguy, the extreme model (6'-4' tapered) for $400 and it even came with a 7 year warranty. This is the fifth year I am using it and it still works perfectly.

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Thanks for the insight everyone. I ended up purchasing the cover from and chose the 5" thick with a double thick, double wrapped vinyl exterior. Great experience with them. It shipped fast, and seems well made. I'm hoping it lasts 5-6+ years or more!

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Agree with what everyone is saying. Price alone shouldn't be the consideration. If you just go for the price and doesn't look into the quality of the hot tub cover then very soon you will have to replace the cover causing you to spend more. I have bought my spa covers from Buy Factory Direct Spa Covers through online shopping. And I am happy with what I have got. Make sure that the cover you are buying suits your requirement and that it is good quality product.

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Hey guys! IâÂÂve been looking for a hot tub . ItâÂÂs the first time IâÂÂm getting one and hence I do not know which company could provide me the best. I have been searching in net for it a lot. Please suggest one

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Not only the price but there are many other factors that you should consider while purchasing any pool related product or anything else..

Here is a link that might be useful: Swim Right Pool

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