Many Trips Around the World r/w/b

geezerfolks_SharonG_FLMay 31, 2013

I didn't make this's about 52X64 at this point and will be going to a friend's daughter who is deployed to Haiti for a year. I think her 2 little boys will cuddle in it until she gets back. I plan to use a wider than normal dark blue/navy with white stars for binding. I'll post another picture when it's fully completed. I added the checkerboard red and white squares to make it longer (they were left over from the Twister Heart). Even though this is scrappy, it's controlled scrappy and I like it. I can't do haphazard scrappy yet..........I still like to be in control. :-)


Here is a link that might be useful: Scrappy Trips Around the World

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Fun quilt, Sharon.

I'm like you; I haven't tried a true scrappy quilt yet either. One of these days... I keep collecting websites and photos, and some day I'll give it a try. I'm just way too structured. I just think that things will always come out better if I'm controlling them.

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I really like this many trips around the world...looks great. I've done two or maybe three now, standard trips around the world and while making the trip end up ripping and resewing to get the overall effect on the top. After doing my last one, I said to self-never again...and now you present me with an alternative that is really nice. Controlled scrappy works with this design, anything too scrappy and the effect would be lost.
Very nice!

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I love it!!
The 'many trips' pattern is a good one. Like V, I have made a few standard 'trip' quilts but never did one like this. I like totally scrappy quilts, but I think this pattern looks better as a controlled scrappy.


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They will love it, very patriotic! The only way I can do random scrappy is if the blocks are offset by a similar color through out the pattern. It's not totally scrappy then is it lol!!!

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Very nice, Sharon! I like that design, too...yet another use for square scraps! Something to do after my postage stamp is done. LOL


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Amazingly nice! Love it. I didn't know we had troops in Haiti. Are they still trying to rebuild after the disaster? I'm an army father saw three wars and I still have a hard time wrapping my mind around mothers being deployed for anything but short stints. It's hard enough when it happens to fathers.

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This is the prettiest Many Trips I have seen -- because of the controlled colorway you chose. Very nice & sweet gift to help her little guys while she is gone.

Bonnie Hunter is able to archive her QuiltCam episodes now - You Tube. I am trying to watch them as I get a chance -- I learn some little trick every time I watch her. I recommend it whenever you have a few minutes. She is making me *think* more about scrappy. I am still working on the string blocks from a workshop I took from her last year. I don't have the huge amt of scraps she does (and many of You - You know who you are! :~).

A Big Thanks to this young Mother and her Family for all they are sacrificing for us!

Sharon ~ you are special for making this! I especially like the red & white checkerboard.

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Thanks, everyone. It was fun to watch the design come together and so easy to do. I think keeping the colors in the same order when sewing the strips together is helpful to make it look better.

Marsha, Bonnie liked the red and white checkerboard, too. :-)

Calliope, There are a few military personnel in Haiti from various countries. I think Abbi said there were 9 from the U.S. and they are stationed at the Embassy compound and is for goodwill. She plans to visit every orphanage/school that she can while there. Someone has already sponsored getting 50 indestructible basketballs delivered to her and the first set is on the way to her.

Donna, I didn't start with squares but with six 2 1/2" X 18" (FQ) strips which ended up as a 12 1/2" unfinished block. Four across, five down. But, you can use squares if you want to. *grin*


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Not sure I can think of it as scrappy but like it a LOT! I too have done a few trips around the world but like this pattern better and the checkerboards are perfect addition. I think I will keep them in mind for a project I have in the works.
Your friend will be thrilled. Good job as always. TFS

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What a pretty quilt! But it looks more like an Irish Chain to me.
It's a great quilt no matter what you call it!

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Gotta say...I think I like yours better than the samples in your link. Guess I'm a bit of a control freak too.

Nice work and how wonderful for her children.

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Jayne, I'm getting a different idea of what scrappy really is. It doesn't always mean many fabrics with no rhyme or reason.....which would be Scrappy Chaos. Scrappy now means (at least to me) I'm using bits and pieces that were leftovers from another project.....but I do prefer Controlled Scrappy. I can do a Crumby Chaos block, but I sure do not like the appearance of a full quilt of them. I have to put an Hourglass or some other block in between them.

Anita, I've put a link to an Irish Chain so you can see the difference. There's a lot of blank area in the Irish Chains that are ideal to showcase quilting.

Thank you, LindaB. I think when you get right down to it, we all want a say in how we put our quilts together and what color/fabric goes where. :-)


Here is a link that might be useful:

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What a lovely quilt Sharon. Nice pattern and great graphic look. I also love the red, white and blue. ANd thanks for the link. I keep forgetting to check her site.

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Love it and can't wait to get my hands on that one.


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Sorry--I still see an Irish chain there--not all are single chains as sample shown, but either way--I like it!

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I like controlled scrappy. I think it looks great! Congrats on getting the top finished.

Best to you,

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