If you own a Polaris 280...

dalehilemanOctober 13, 2010

...there's a detail of its construction you might help me with

Though surviving about 6 or 7 years of wear and tear I'm considering replacement of my 380 which works pretty well but the bag wears out quickly and costs $33 to replace. However its base comes apart with a little difficulty and one can fashion one's own receptacle for just a few cents

I reveal this at risk of a Polaris representative learning from my username who I am and where I live, then sending in a bomber or arsonist

But I'm considering a 280 which presently is not only half the price of a 380 but which Amazon customers rate better than any of its successors. So I need to know if its base comes apart as with the 380--thanks all

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Dale, don't sweat the Polaris rep.

The 280 isn't perfect but it is one very solidly designed pressure side sweep. I would expect even you would have a tough time killing it.


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Scott thanks for that report. But I wonder if you'd happen to know whether the bag base comes apart as with the 380--thanks

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Dale, ya gotta learn to google stuff my man.


This magic page has at the bottom......

The manual.

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Thanks Goy for that link and I readily admit to laziness but it's not immediately apparent from the instruction book how the bag base assembles while the entire detachment is shown and sold as a single unit

To re-reiterate and possibly clarify, the 380 bag base consists of two plastic rings interlocking around the mouth of the bag but which come apart (with just a bit of difficulty to be sure) so that one may slide them apart substituting a homemade replacement fashioned from some common household fabric

Incidentally in the case of the 380 rubberized rug/carpet non-slip has proven ideal for this use. Thus 2 cents worth of this medium and couple of minutes with the sewing machine can save you $32.98

Otherwise it's as if when you experience a flat tire you have to buy a new car

I had hoped to hear from the actual owner of a 280 whether its bag base disassembled in the same way but apparently such are few and far between, at least in the typical swimming-pool board forum but thank you anyway Goy and Guy for your interest in my query

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Or you could use a nylon stocking.....just think about how much fun it could be fashioning that! You can buy replacement bags on eBay at big discount too.

i have a 280. 5 years , 2 bags.....no nylons....

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Thanks Jim but I've tried a nylon stocking. It slips loose and doesn't last very long. Owing to its rubberized finish the rug non-slip won't pull loose and shows promise of a long life

Re-re-reiterating however, to implement this innovation does the bag base pull apart as with the 380--thank you agin Jim

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