Are you quilting this weekend? May 24-27

lindaoh_gwMay 24, 2013

A long weekend this week. Do you have plans for Memorial Day? We will have a quiet holiday. The kids are coming home the following weekend so we will try to get the pool opened if it is warm enough to swim. Looking forward to seeing Eli's reaction to the water. Last year he was only a few months old and enjoyed the water.
Last weekend was very stressful and I didn't do any sewing or quilting. DD thought she was having a miscarriage but thankfully everything is fine.
This weekend I plan to plant my flowers and do some outside work. I also want to work on a challenge quilt from my small group.
Are you sewing or quilting this weekend?
Linda OH

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Our long weekend was last weekend here in Canada so it back to work for me on Monday! Does going to a the Mennonite Relief Sale and drooling over hundreds of quilts up for auction count as quilting? One of the largest Mennonite Relief Sales in North America is held annually about an hour from us. We always go on Friday evening for the plant sale and the quilt preview and some years we go back for the auction on Saturday. I may get some sewing done on Sunday.
Have a good weekend everyone!


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We are leaving today and be gone a week RVing with members of my hubby's family who are also bringing their RV - so will be like a mini vacation/family reunion. Just finished hand-sewing all the blocks together for my friend Christy's grandbaby quilt, so will be ready to applique the center flower when I get back in June. Taking good books, pillowcases to hand embroidery, and crochet thread to make ribboned bookmarks with. Will be continuing to teach my teenage great-niece how to crochet on this trip. And there will be water ballons and water guns and lots of kids on this trip so should make for a lively time. Hope everyone enjoys their Memorial Day weekend!

Best to you,

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I took two days off work just to catch up on sewing! Last night I finished the top of the T shirt quilt. I was thrilled with his reaction when DH Jim saw it!

Today I'm playing with free motion patterns, trying out a couple I've wanted to get better at using. I'm also working on the challenge quilt a little. Mostly its wonderful to be in my sewing room again! I've really missed my sewing time.

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Linda, I'm glad to hear your DD is okay.

Sandra, have fun with your family!

I think (fingers crossed) that I have NO PLANS for my 3 day weekend! Woohoo! Between my mom's needs, guild stuff and church stuff, I don't think I've had a whole 2 day weekend off in six months. LOL

So, yes, I am sewing! Started a turning twenty kit for my sister. She'll be 50 in August so it will be her BD gift. I discovered today that I cut nearly all of the 20 focus blocks too big (thank goodness not too small!) so spent a while this morning trimming them down to size. I have a new ruler which is 6-1/2" wide and I'm still used to the old 6" wide one, so I cut them all 1/2 too wide. Fortunately I had barely enough fabric to cut the last three blocks.

Anyway, now that all the pieces are cut the right size, sewing the top should go quickly.


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I'm with Kate! I took today off to try and catch up, too! So far, I'm doing pretty well. I hope to get all my paying jobs done and work on my Dear Jane and the quilt challenge block. I almost caught up on my Feathered Star, but ran out of the thread I need with one block left to do! At least it's an easy one, so no biggie! Right now, I'm actually monogramming some Christmas stockings.


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I hope to get some sewing in this week-end. We are invited to a cookout on Sunday, but don't think we'll go. More time to sew!

Glad your DD is ok, Linda. That must have been quite a scare for all of you.

Maryv, I think plant sales are so much fun! Have a great time!

Sandra, The time with your family sounds like it will be fun and I'm sure your niece will appreciate the crochet skills.

Kate, So very glad you're able to spend some time in your sewing room and relaxing. Sounds like your DH was, too. :-)

Donna, I prefer using a 6 1/2" ruler. I don't remember ever using a 6" and can't figure out why I would want to. I know lots of people like them and add the 1/2". I hope your week-end stays 'planless' for you.

Robbi, I saw all those pictures of what you've been embroidering!'re going like a house afire! Did you ever try the socks?

Stay safe everyone........

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lindaoh, so glad it was a false alarm!

Picking DD up at the train in Sacramento for a day visit. Grandma (94 with Alzheimer's) daughter and I will be having a pedicure! My mom was always the "fancy" Grandma and still has fancy nails, even with fingers gnarled with arthritis.

Not quite the excitement of the road trip or water balloon fight, but I remember those fondly.

Gotta sew on Sunday after using the morning to work on the watering system in my new flower beds.


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After an intense week of work, I'm so looking forward to the long weekend with no set plans, except to hang out in the sewing room...yipee!
I have a quickie baby quilt I hope to finish, and a few May lotto blocks....that's it. Sounds perfect for me.
Enjoy your weekend with family, friends and/or fabric!

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Relieved to hear your daughter is OK, Linda. I have been down that road several times myself and it's nice to get the pregnancy more advanced so one can breathe easier. Good luck on thinking pool and flowers. Ha. You are not far from me I don't think and I'm sitting here with a hot cup of tea trying to toast out the chill I got from my g'daughter's graduation ceremony outside with the thermometer in the 40s. I spent an hour this morning making HSTs and had to knock off to go outside and start covering up a good deal of my vegetable garden. Temps may hit freezing, and I've too much to lose and too much work already invested in it. I am pleasantly tired and basking in the glow of a nice event, so am hoping to do some actual piecework tomorrow morning before I tear into chores. On block 22 of the depresson block quilt. Nearly 2/3 done and it's a good thing. It gets harder now to get enthused making HSTs. LOL

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I am playing with my new toy today! I have been practicing on plain white fabric for a week now. So I loaded a small baby sized quilt to try today. I am playing with pantographs to get my stitching smooth. Husband is gone to play golf in NC today, so I have no one bothering me!


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Jackie - sounds like a perfect day!

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DD and I are heading to the LQS to buy fabric for my porch quilt. Hope to do some hand quilting while she sews an apron for a friend. She goes back to CO on Monday so I'm starting to feel the let down already.

Sounds like everyone is going to keep busy this weekend. Enjoy!

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Busy weekend for us. Worked at a funeral at church this morning for a dear friend's husband. Very sad. This afternoon is a graduation party for a former student, tomorrow we have 2 graduations (one DS's future sister-in-law). I am desperately trying to finish the binding on a quilt for her and then get it washed before tomorrow afternoon! It is my 33rd wedding anniversary today, too, so we will go out for dinner tonight.
The traveling Vietnam Memorial Wall is in the park by our house so we will go over there either later today or tomorrow after church before the graduation parties.
Finishing Megan's quilt will be all of my sewing for the weekend since we are also trying to get ready to leave in the RV on Monday for 4 nights with a group from our church. We always used to go over Memorial day weekend, but we are all retired now, so decided to go on Monday instead. Looking forward to Monday - I am tired already!

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Rainy weekend here on the Canadian east coast, but I've been working on my challenge quilt for camp. :) And I mean actually cutting and sewing... not just thinking about it. ^_^


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Better late than never...

We have had a friend from New Zealand visiting since Tuesday, and will be here until next Tuesday. So we've been busy with sight-seeing and late nights talking/comparing countries. Also have had a lot of end-of-school-year activities this past week.

Tomorrow is Rolling Thunder here in DC, so will be fully busy with that all day. Supposed to be sunny and 74 degrees! Lovely...and not the sweltering 95+ that it normally is!

Monday may bring the opportunity to work a little bit more on my niece's graduation quilt. I have some components pieced, but need to make one more strip set (4 times), chop it up, and then put the blocks together. It will go quickly once I get the chance down there. No borders or sashings, so that'll be nice. The backing is at the screen printer's, so nothing to do but wait at that point.

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Jackie...Your new toy is really awesome, have fun...can't wait to see the results.

Sue, reading your post tired me out are one busy lady this weekend! I did not know there was a traveling Vietnam memorial...glad to hear that. Living so close to DC, we've gone to all the memorials and the Vietnam Memorial brings tears every time.

Faye... I haven't ventured to cut just yet...made a mock up, but I guess it's time to start. I'm not sure why I'm so hesitant, maybe cause it's my first challenge.

Jenn, Do you actually hang out w/ rolling thunder, are you a participant? It's an impressive site to behold and another that brings tears while honoring our vets.


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Jennifer, I always forget you live near DC...and V, I didn't know you live in that area, too. I'll be up there for a weekend in August. My little sister is turning 50 and we're going to have girls party weekend! I know it's awful in August, but we've been in DC in Aug. many times since my BD is 2 days after my sister's. We were there twice last year - we managed to catch apparently the only really cold weekend of winter (the highest temp was 18 while we were there), and we were there the first weekend of Aug. and I think it hit 95! LOL Someday maybe we'll make it there when the weather is pleasant.

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Jackie, At least you know you won't be interrupted while playing with your new toy. Have fun!

I sat at the machine a few times yesterday sewing on things that didn't need a lot of thought. I found the strips I had cut for a border on the QOV I've been playing with, so will try and put those on today.


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I am taking advantage of the 'cold front' that knocked our temps down to 80's (lol) to finish mulching and repotting plants.

The rest of the time I am finishing a knitted afghan for sis's Christmas present. It is a country blue and very pretty, but at this point I am tired of the color.

Our Memorial service will be Monday (of course) and DH and I will attend that and just BBQ for ourselves later. Most of my family goes for the water and we didn't want to this year.

Have great Memorial Day everyone, sounds like everyone will be busy.

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Jackie, love your new toy and am green with envy!
Linda, so glad your DD is okay
To those travelling, stay safe on the roads

My sister came to visit and go to a cat show this weekend...she breeds and shows Birman cats. I asked her to bring her Accuquilt GO! so I could try it out. I cut over 550 Tumbler blocks and she is going to sew them into tops for Quilts for Oklahoma. She should be able to make 3 baby quilts and 2 adult size. I will be going past her place in a couple of weeks on the way to Montreal to see DD so she let me keep her GO! to play with! She also brought some more dies so I will cut some hexagons for my GFG and she also brought the bird die so might play with that one too.

Enjoy your time with family God bless all of the service people this Memorial Day and every day!


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Valerie~ We participate in the ride for Rolling Thunder. Left the house at 6:15 to hook up with friends and an escorted ride to the Pentagon.

Got there at 9:30a, pulled out in the ride at 2:15p, finished at 2:45 and headed for home. All kids retrieved and home...having dinner (pizza) now.

It was a long day, but we had beautiful weather today! Only 75 degrees, not the usual 100~ Of course, still have a totally burnt face!~

It was a good day, for a good cause!

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Linda, I'm so glad things turned out well. And, Sue, happy anniversary. Mine will be Friday but have no big plans.

I'm doing FMQ on a small wallhanging that has been a completed top for several years. Actually, it didn't matter which top to use since the quilt is just helping me work off my anger.

I just got back from a wedding, my oldest grandson being the groom, and was there to support the groom's mother, our oldest daughter. After escaping from an abusive, controlling man, she now had to face him in person. With us, and her brother flying in from Denver, we stayed by her side and showed the group of mostly his fans that she isn't the homeless person he hoped to make her into. To see the groom's mother left out of the reception line and seating near the front was sad and it's all I can do not to post my feelings on facebook for all of them to see.

Fortunately my daughter was rescued by a loving man and has become a happy, farmer's wife in another town out of his reach. We were all so glad to leave and fly home yesterday. We had a good visit amongst ourselves in our hotel at least.

Boy that sewing machine looked good this morning. Doesn't matter what I get done, just anything to get my anger out.

Flags are flying all over my front porch in honor of many relatives and veterans now gone. We will always remember!

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Linda, what a stressful experience! How wonderful for your daughter that she was able to escape from a bad marriage and that she was then able to create a good life. Living well IS the best revenge. And how wonderful that you were all able to be there to support her when she needed you.

I understand about using sewing to work through your anger. The whole quilting process is stress relief, anger management, escape from the world, therapy and a joyful creative outlet - each when we need it most!

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I spent my day piecing the backing for a king size top that's been finished for about 18 months. It's a Nancy Rink Civil War BOM. The CW fabrics aren't usually my thing, so I decided when I finished the top that I was going to piece all the leftover fabric into the backing (including the 2-1/2 yards I bought for the border then decided I didn't like it). Every time I thought about piecing the backing I changed my mind! LOL Well, I decided today it was getting done. Now it's ready to load on the frame after I quilt my sister's BD quilt.


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Linda, I'm proud of your daughter for getting to the place where she is and proud of you for helping her get there. None of you were at the wedding for anyone except your grandson. You did your duty, had a good time amongst yourselves and went home. You did everything you were supposed to do. Mission accomplished. I understand how us mothers feel when our children aren't noted, or put in the place of honor that they deserve......I know it hurts, but you all showed 'class' and that is far more honorable.

Keep quilting, just keep quilting......


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Good for you Linda, it is so importatant to have a family you can rely on. I'm proud she was able to face the "other half" and come out on top.

No sewing for me, I had to work.

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I now have 3 Granny Squares blocks made using 5" squares in red/white/blue, made the 7th Barn block and have the side borders on the QOV I'm working on. The top and bottom borders are pinned on ready to be sewn. It will need another border but I'm not sure what it will be.

Between this weekly week-end post and the monthly list, it sure helps to keep me on track, or at least doing something. lol


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alas, I got nothing sewing related done.

Today I'm catching up on laundry, sheets, cleaning all kids, and tidying after a house guest for a week. Perhaps after that I can do some sewing.

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Linda OH glad your daughter and her baby are ok, my sister once had a bad miscarriage and ran fever for the better part of a week and was quite ill, so thankful ya'll were spared that. Thanks Donna and Sharon. Donna hope you post a pic of your sister's b-day quilt once you get it finished. LindaB/CA new flowerbeds sounds like fun. Jackie that looks like a really fun toy to play with! Maryv I have never had the opportunity to play a Accuquilt Go, but it does sound like fun. With all that bad weather coming our way, Louisiana, Wednesday, we decided to come home today shortening our trip. We had a good trip, but figured it was best to be safe, to avoid the bad weather. Aside from a few maintenance issues we had a really good trip. The kids had a blast and the water balloon fight turned in to a whole family event with all ages getting soaken wet, we were 14 very wet people. I did get a lot of hand-embroidery work done on my Grandma's pillowcases and did get a little reading done in one of the Elm Creek Quilts novel Round Robin. It was a fun trip, but I am exhausted. Got home and spent the better part of a hour unloading the RV and have washed/dried 2 loads of laundry and still have 7 more to go which will no doubt continue into Wednesday assuming we don't lose power from bad weather. Came home and the Easter Lilies and my orange peanut cactus were blooming; haven't been to the back yard flowerbed yet to see what's in bloom there, but will check on that in a little bit. Hope everyone has a good and safe week.

Best to you,

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