Upgrading Master Bath - yes or no

lowballMarch 16, 2010

We are planning to sell our 10 year old house this summer. Our master bathroom has the standard builders mirrors, gold faucets, doorknobs, accents. The floor tile looks good but all the fixtures look dated. Should we spend $2000 to upgrade the look with the thought it will help sell the house knowing full well it won't add to the asking price?

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I would update the fixtures, but I'd do it for less than $2000!

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We sold an 11 year old home this last summer. We replaced the MB faucets and showerhead and I painted the ugly gold builder's lights with stone fleck paint. I also tore down the wall paper and painted the room. It looked like a new room. My house was a step beyond a starter home. It depends upon what type of neighborhood you're living in as to what the minimum you should do is. I've looked at on-line pictures of other houses in the neighborhood. They still had the builder grade faucets and outdated wallpaper. My house did look fresh compared to them.

I left the interior doorknobs. If I had replaced one, then I would have felt the need to replace them all. My closet doors had the same knobs as the room doors. I think I may have switched a closet knob or two around to keep the nicer looking knobs in strategic places. My exterior door knobs were showing significant wear so I did replace them.

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I don't know your price range but that does seem a lot to spend to upgrade a few fixtures. I would talk to a few realtors before you do it. I also think you should be able to get new faucets, doorknobs and mirrors for much less then 2K.

Can you post a picture?

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Buy the cheapest faucets you can buy. You can find decent faucets in HD or Lowes. I took off old gold, metal shower doors, patched the small holes in the tile and hung a pretty, white shower curtain. I spray painted the shower head silver, spray painted the shower drain and replaced the old light fixture with one which cost $40.00. My master bath, I put beadboard around half the wall and painted above. It looked so pretty.

I did 4 baths. Do the work yourself or get a friend to help. Shop around and stay away from high-end.

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I should have mentioned about $1K is for a new shower door installation and removal. I wish I could do it myself but I recognize my own weaknesses. We live in a Boston suburb and the house will be listed around $750K.

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In your price range, the $2000 fix up may be worth it. If the shower door looks bad, I would replace it. Here's a less expensive alternative, but you'd have to be the the judge of whether it looks good or not. Depending upon how bad your shower door really looks, I'd get out the Magic Eraser and clean it up the best that you can. You could get a shower curtain rod and cover it with a pretty shower curtain.

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For $750K, I would not accept spray-painted plumbing fixtures -- but then, $750 in Boston buys a lot less than it does here in Texas.

I'd ask your Realtor (or several, if you haven't selected one) what type/level of fixtures to use and what needs sprucing up.

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I won't spray paint shower fixtures, I don't think it would hold up with the water. Even if it looked fine until after the house is sold it doesn't seem right to do. Spray painting ceiling fixtures, hinges, and towel bars is fine.

What is wrong with the shower door except that it is gold?

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Only thing wrong with the bathroom is the gold accents. It just seems to scream 1990's. I wouldn't do anything but my wife and decorator friend feel it needs to be done. Thanks for all of your input.

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Is the rest of the house also stuck in the 90's? Can you update the bathroom around the gold accents?

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Outside of gold doorknobs, the rest of the house looks good.

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