Pictures of pool cover anchors?

cathouse9October 25, 2011

Hey everyone! I am interested in getting a professional pool cover (Loop Loc, etc) instead of us draping netting and holding it down with water bags, which always looks so horrid. But my builder has assured me that I would not be happy with the anchors that need to go into the bond beam wall.

Does anyone have pictures of their mesh cover anchors in the decking and in a stone wall? Thank you!!

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What is the raised wall's base material behind the stone facade? If it's cinder blocks and mortar, it isn't strong enough. If it's gunite, it is strong enough.

Assuming it's gunite, most manufacturers use either 3/8" or 1/2" holes every 18" to 24". The anchor itself needs to, in your case, into the gunite past the stone face and mortar.

Extra long stainless eye bolts are then inserted in the hole and threaded into the anchor. The extra length of the eye bolt's stem allows it reach further in than a standard eye bolt.

In the Spring, the bolts are removed, leaving only the small holes visible and unless you are looking for them, aren't really noticed if the installer does it between the stacked stones, especially if he pitches the hole so it drains into the pool.

Last I saw, Loop Loc and Meyco use 3/8" anchors and Merlin uses a 1/2" of a different design. The Loop Loc and Meyco anchors are actually stronger even though they are smaller.

Posting a picture of small holes in the wall is kind of silly.

As for the anchors, because you have a dark colored stamped surface, masonry collars, aka beauty rings, are suggested. Stamped surfaces tend to chip at the edge of the hole. The collar hides this and protects the deck from the pipe used to attach the springs.

They are made of brass which tarnishes to a deep brown, blending into the deck quite nicely. When they are new, they are shiny but after they have been exposed to air, the tarnished color takes hold. If you installed this year, by next year, they would be darkened.


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Thanks Scott!

Yes, I just can't imagine them looking SO bad that I wouldn't be happy. But then, he knows how picky I am. The wall looks like gunite and it's tied to the pool and was sprayed at the same time, though I'm not sure how thick (attached 2 pics).

Does it look strong enough? Thanks again for your help!

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Looks to be 6" thick on top of a 12" beam, steel throughout.

That is as ideal as it gets for this. There are longer low profile eye bolts available. You will need them to get past the thickness of the mortar and veneer stones and 2.5" into the gunite for the anchor.


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