Commiserate with me?

superpoutyduckApril 21, 2013

Our remodel started last Monday. The electrician came Thursday. Thursday night our cable television was out, our tv has what appears to be some sort of electrical damage (hdmi inputs no longer work), and the light and fan in one of our bedrooms is stuck on.

We can't prove that the electrician caused any of this, but what a potentially expensive early-remodel headache. Anyone else have any remodel disasters to make me feel a bit better?

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Suzi AKA DesertDance Zone 9b

Our remodel started Friday, but we are living elsewhere, so I can commiserate, but don't have any examples.

I do have one on our last remodel, though. My late mother-in-law had lived in her home for 40 years before passing. We proceeded to update it for sale, and under that carpet was a $15,000 nightmare! Roots from old trees had heaved the slab, and we had to replace the entire slab in 2 big rooms per a structural engineer.

I know warn everyone on a slab not to put trees or shrubs with invasive root systems near your house!


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I had an electrician somehow wire what was supposed to be a three way switch so it didn't turn off the lights, but it did turn off the refrigerator. It was in a windowless storage area so one way or another I would put the lights on and of course the fridge would be on when I opened it. It took a while to figure out that the fridge was shutting off whenever I touched that switch.

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Wow, the one guy I trust. Put on your seatbelt, lol.

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Similar switch story; My son daughter in law just moved a couple weeks ago. The dishwasher would only work some of the time. It took a few days to figure out the previous owner or electrician hooked the under cabinet rope lights, the dishwasher to a switch in the hall. So as long as the rope light was on in the eve everything worked.
So for now until they figure out how to correct without ripping into a wall they leave the rope light on.

House is only 8 years old. And can only assume at the house inspection the rope lights were on.

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I couldn't help but think of national lampoons Christmas vacation. Remember the switch that controlled the Christmas lights?

DH does all our electrical.

Make sure any damage done to your tv is fixed or the tv is replaced.

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We didn't have TV or computer problems, but we do use surge protectors on all those things. We were warned that the turning off and on of the electrical stuff during the reno could cause some issues. They told us to expect to go through some light bulbs at least, and we did.

If you don't have surge protectors on your major electrical stuff, you might want to go get some or at least unplug the electronics when work is being done. In case no one has mentioned it -- you also want to turn off your AC/heating while the dusty work is being done to protect the system and to avoid spreading the dust.

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My electrician forgot to tell me to shut down my computer before he cut power to the house. After he got everything running again, my computer wouldn't power up. I had to spend over an hour on the phone with tech support (thankfully, I purchased my computer at Costo so I get free tech support for the life of the product!) and finally got it to work again. The worst part ... knowing that I hadn't backed up my data since who knows when. My poor electrician was beyond embarassed ... said he'd never let that happen again.

I had a guy here working on the patio and he was using a jackhammer. It must have created a power surge, becuase it blew out the TV and it had to be replaced. We were due for a new TV anyway, so I didn't confront him about it, but I did hook the new TV up to a surge protector. Now, whenever I have construction going on where they have equipment hooked into my electrical supply, I unplug my electronics.

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What should I say when I mention this to the GC or electrician? Tell them without expectation of it being replaced? It had to have been a power surge; my cable box is blown, my hdmi switch unit is blown, and the hdmi ports on my tv are blown (along with the now stuck-on lights in our extra bedroom). I think I had everything on a power strip and equated that with surge protector. Oops. Lesson learned.

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Tell the GC and the electrician WITH the expectation that is will all be fixed/replaced immediately.

Is the electrician licensed? If so, do what you can to have it revoked.

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Well, maybe not that last. :) I don't have a funny story, but my "electricians" were my husband and son and only one of the wall sconces in my vanity niche comes on. I still have a desire to take a hammer to the wall, but finally taking a stand over it four years later would probably come off as unreasonable.

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I had an electrician separate the wiring for a house with attached apartment ...

I turned off the breaker to the main house to work on some lighting, and got "bitten" by a live wire.

They were there the next day doublechecking their work.

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Spoke with my GC earlier. He and the electrician will be here first thing tomorrow. They are gonna see if they can fix anything, and if not, they are covering the bills :)

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Your hdmi may just need to be reset. Call tv mfg. or trygoing into settings and resetting to default. Often you have to power down, unplug, replug and power to do a reset. Tv mfg can tell you. Good luck

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Many years ago, a friend had a new roof put on her home. At some point the roofers asked her about the fireplace in the dining room. She said they never used it.

Several months later, she, her husband, and her son began having headaches. On the plus side, she was losing weight without even trying. Something was obviously up. Yup -- the carbon monoxide level was up!

It turns out the roofers had dumped their trash down the chimney. The only problem was, while the family didn't use the fireplace, they did use the furnace that was also exhausted through that chimney. The exhaust had nowhere to go except into the house. It could have killed them.

The family spent the night in a motel and the roofers were out the very next day to right their wrong.

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In a rental duplex we recently bought, when the tenant moved out we decided to paint the place and pull up the vinyl floor. Under the vinyl we found that the floor and sub floor were soaked with water and delaminated, and needed to be removed and replaced.

This is what the kitchen looks like now:

and heres the bathroom:

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That makes me feel a lot better. And... Wow sorry to see that! Looks expensive!!!

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If your electrician does cover replacement, I'm happy for you, but I would not expect it. The need for a surge protector on sensitive and/or expensive electronics is not something new and it's not something specific to remodeling. We should all have them in place for at least TVs and computers all the time.

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