Final inspection/walkthrough

polieMarch 24, 2010

The Seller has fixed the (relatively minor) problems identified by our inspector. At the final inspection/walkthrough the day before or day of the closing, what do I look out for, just a visual inspection to make sure walls weren't gouged during the move-out or are there more extensive measures that are my responsibility?

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You'll definitely do a visual inspection of walls and floors, roof, exterior, appliances etc. In addition, you may want to turn on light fixtures, turn on every faucet, turn on appliances to make sure they're all working,open the garage door, make sure you have the openers for the garage door and any and all codes for the security system, turn on heating and air conditioning, look in sheds and garages and attics to make sure the seller didn't leave you surprises that they should have taken with them.

Primarily you just want to make sure that the house is in the same condition or better then when you put in a contract.Definitely make sure that everything that was on the repair list has been completed to your satisfaction.

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Thank you, Cordovamon. Very helpful.

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