Help/Advice on All New Pool Equipment - Goldline & Intelliflo?

gitboxOctober 24, 2009


I think I have read every post on this forum and others relating to Goldline Control Systems and Intelliflo pumps in existence, but still have some questions. Any help will be most appreciated.

I have an existing in-ground pool in DFW area of Texas (built 1993) w/about 20k-23k gals. All of the equipment is pretty much dying at the same time from electronic controls to the heater, pump, etc. So, everything is being changed out. It has 2 skimmers w/one 2" return line, 2" main drain return line, 1.5" vac line, a spa w/5 or 6 jets that spills into the pool (12" drop?) and pebble tech surface. Since everything is dying I am planning on purchasing the following equipment, but would be very grateful for any advice/changes that I should be considering:

- Goldline PS8 Controls w/wireless/waterproof remote & receiver (already have)

- Intelliflo pump - 4x160 w/Intellicom2 to control it - hoping it will handle everything - various speeds for different functions? Slower for filtering & salt chlorination, faster for cleaner & spa, etc.

- Sand Filter instead of DE - there are logistical reasons for this as well as health reasons (don't want DE being backwashed into back yard - 5yr old sun stomping around & breathing some in during TX summer!) I'm not sure which filter to go with, but have been considering the following w/either silica sand or Zeobrite/lite:

- Sta-Rite System 3 S8S70 (3.4sf) ? or

- Hayward S244T - 3.14 ft.2 - 62 GPM - is there limitation w/1.5" pipes? OR

- Hayward Hayward S270T - 3.70 ft2 - 74 GPM ??

- Hayward H250 nat gas cupro nickle heater (already have)

- Polaris 3900 cleaner (already have) - plan to switch vac line to pressure

- T-15 salt chlorinator w/sensor/switch

- various Jandy neverlube valves & Goldline actuators

- plan to change out pool & spa lights to Colorlogic w/AQL Color MODHV to control them, unless someone tells me I don't need the MODHV?

I have a friend who is a professional pool installer going to do the install. I have spoken with tech support at both Hayward and Pentair about the pump, controls, ect. and am hopeful that this can be a very good solution for this pool. Any and all help, caution, advice will be most appreciated!


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Get an IntelliCom2 to allow your Hayward system to control the IntelliFlo pump. Also, you might consider taking a look at the IntelliBrite color LEDs instead. They seem to light up the pool more consistently.

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The Hayward S244T has an inch and a half stand pipe inside. An S310T (500lbs of sand) has a 2" stand pipe. Better flow!

A Pentair Tagleus or Triton II 600 lb filter has special laterals that help filter even smaller particles than the S310. Darn close to DE in fact.

Skip the Zeolite. Go with pool sand. It doesn't cake up.

Intermatic valve actuators are less expensive and work/last fine. Easy to set the cams too.


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landa mac:
Thanks for your response! I'm not familiar with the IntelliBrite lights, but since you mentioned it, I will look into them. Can you tell me if they are able to be controlled with the Goldine PS8 system beyond just "on-off"? As in, can I access their special features/color changing/"slide show" type features from the remote (AQL2-POD)?

poolguynj - thank you for replying! Its sounds like I should remove the 1.5" S244T filter from consideration and go with a larger 2" pipe? If so, then I believe the Sta-Rite is 2", and the S310T, but it sounds like you like the Tagleus or Triton II? If so, I will research them and maybe they are the better way to go?

Thank you both! :)


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Sta-Rite is part of Pentair.

Yes, eliminate the 244T.

I personally prefer the Pentair branded equipment. Easier, IMHO, to work on.

THe main difference between the Tag and Tri-2 is top mount vs. side mount multiport.

Don't change brands for the light fixture. The niche and the fixture must be the same brand or UL certs are nulled and voided.

Your existing Gold-Line controller will not know what an LED fixture is anyway. Thats not to say it can't control on, but it won't know what it is natively. There is a possibility it may cost an extra relay to control the colors. Without seeing it, I can't say for certain.


Here is a link that might be useful: Pentair's web site.

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with the goldline unit you are better with the colorlogic lights, as you will be able to completly control them better. You can control the Intellibrites by turning them on and off to get to the different programs. The one thing I do like better about the colorlogics is the party mode. The color changing is faster, and more fun, other then that the Intellibrites better all around. If you could hold each one in your hand you would know which one is quality and which one is disposible.
If you are worried about backwashing DE, you could get a Quad filter, and not backwash, or you could put a seperation tank on to catch all the DE. Cartridge is always an option. Sand is ok, just requires more backwashing, and your water wont be as sparkly.

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Rack Etear

" Sand is ok, just requires more backwashing, and your water wont be as sparkly."

Having a filter that goes down to 30 micron (sand) is more than enough to make the water sparkle. I bet that I can take you to 3 pools, with 3 different types of media, and you won't be able to tell the difference.

You may find that for the price of the intellicom, and all the installation associated with it, you might be able to buy and easy touch, and sell the aqualogic used. It will control the pump, and intellibrites natively.

Hayward does not make any good filters (besides their industrial line which has nothing to do w/ pools). They are all flimsy garbage, with fragile tanks, and laterals.

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When I turn my controller the power light comes on and the generating light comes on for a very short tme. After that it stays off. I've checked the fuse and it is ok. Is there a reset button or do you think the card is bad. What are something's I ca check? When I turn the power off again none of the lights come on.

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ragingcajun, please start a new thread. Telling us what equipment you have will help. ;-)


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