spa spillway issue

shorelinedesignOctober 12, 2011

I am current having a custom spa built and have run into a spillway issue during construction and can't decide how to resolve it. Pool builder is giving suggestions that are fitting the bill but is willing to hear any suggestions I may have. The spa is 9 foot in diameter from outside to outside and it is round. The shot crete is in place and was formed with the idea that the spa would sit on coping edge so that it looked as if coping ran continuously around pool edge. The spa was formed a allow a stone finish (4") thick and now that is going to be a split face travertine (1 1/4") thick instead. This means the spillway is going to drop down right onto the coping instead of in the pool (unless we put a very deep piece of travertine to extend the water out into the pool (which I think might look like a silly diving board - and I do have kids that would try and stand on it to use it as one). The pool builder mentioned a scupper so that the water would have sides to fall into. ANY SUGGESTIONS ARE APPRECIATED! We are desperately trying to keep the integrity of the ROUND spa without adding too much but don't know what to do.


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Please post a pic.


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that makes sense... only other options I could think of:
-You could build a stair step feature, with controlled splash out sides, down to the water's edge of the pool.
-You could build a portion of the spa out, the width of the spillway and the height of the spa. Again, it would need sides, but it wouldnt be overhanging. The spa would remain round, less this spillway.
-You could also grout in spillways...think copper/brass tubes that hang out over the pool's coping, dropping water into the pool. If your spillway is 4' wide, maybe do 6 of them evenly spaced. They would be less attractive to hang on or walk out on, but would serve the purpose of shared water and a waterfeature.
When running spillway mode from the spa, you would need to adjust your water flow to control the amount sent to the spa, as these can only handle so much, as opposed to an open spill way that can handle many more gpm.

check out BOBE water features for some ideas. they make great metal spillways. Good luck!

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