selling our townhome

CJ79March 17, 2013

We are selling our town home and I would like to get advice to see if we are doing it right. We do have an agent.

We listed our home for sale 11 days ago and have had 15 showings so far. Is that good?

It's a 3 bedroom, 1 full bath, 1 half bath in a desirable school district. The MLS # is 4341933

We did some fixing up on it but there are still some things that could be fixed (little things). Upstairs bedrooms have wallpaper, the kitchen cabinets have some varnish that has rubbed off, some things are dated.

What do you think?

Thank you

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That is a great amount of showings for only being on the market for 11 days.

I looked at your pictures,I agree you are dated, but I dont know your market so I dont know if your price reflects that, however, 15 showings and no offers usually means you are overpriced. I usually look for a price reduction after 8 showings (depending on feedback) or 30 days.

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Just another thought, if you are inclined, you may want to "spruce up a little bit". The spaces look a bit stark and cold. The living room looks decent, the bathrooms look cold, maybe some nice towels, a little greenery on the sink top, a bath rug? Something to add a splash of color? The kitchen could use a bit of color too, if not a plant, maybe a bowl of fruit, something to bring it alive. The one bedroom with what looks like blue flowered wall paper doesnt go with the heart bed spread. I would remove the table cloth in the DR and put a curtain topper up for some color. I also didnt notice anything on the walls. All these things help to warm up a space.

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It does look dated. Looks like you've got torn wall paper too. Not sure your bath pics are doing you a favor showing pictures of the floors. How is the buyers pool in your area? Looks like you could get a single home with a 2 car garage for the same price as you have your town home listed. Do people prefer town homes? If not it is likely you are overpriced.

The number of showings seem really good though.

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I'm in the Twin Cities, and I am not sure your home is overpriced. Things are really picking up with many saying this is now a sellers market. I agree with one of the previous posters who suggested more "staging" effects - nicer towels, spreads, definitely lose the tablecloth. You can get some really nice things at Goodwill or Arc Village for cheap! Regarding the wear on the cabinets: try going over them with Liquid Gold to make them shine. The wear won't be as noticeable.
Good luck.

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What is the percentage of owner-occupied to rental units in your complex? There may be too many rental units so people can't get mortgages.

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"There may be too many rental units so people can't get mortgages."

That depends on how title is held in the complex.

Many 'town house' communities are NOT condominiums.

You own the land, the house, ad pay a civic association to maintain common areas.

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