Laminated Cotton Fabric

K8OrlandoMay 1, 2012

On the "pleated purse" thread some of you were asking about laminated fabric. I bought mine from although now that I know about it I've seen it at some of the local quilt shops too. It's very easy to sew on, although it requires some pinning because it can be slippery. I tried "oil cloth" too and found it to be almost identical to use although I believe it's made by a different method.

Here's the descriptive blurb from the site:

These laminated fabrics have a soft, protective film laminated to the face of the cotton fabric. It's softness makes this cloth extremely pliable for fashion, the durability combined with easy-care convenience (cleans up easily with a damp cloth) can be brought to your table with great style. Perfect for raincoats and hats, shower curtains, diaper and tote bags, tablecloths and placemats too!

You can find LOTS of laminated fabrics here: Laminated Cottons. They have patterns too. I originally bought some to make a backpack but haven't done that (yet). I used it to make a huge tote bag and part of my new purse.

If you try it, post pictures! I would love to see what others do with it.


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Thanks for the info, Kate. I just ordered a lunch bag pattern and I suspect laminated fabric would be a great thing to use for that. Plus it means I can go shopping! LOL


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How does it sew? Do you have to use longer stitches like you would with oil cloth? Can it be thrown in a washer?

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Thanks, Kate.
That link is very informative. And so many lovely fabrics to choose from. I'm going to keep that fabric in mind for my next purse project.


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It sews great and I haven't noticed any hesitation in my machine. I use a 90/14 needle. When I think about it I lengthen the stitch length to 2.6 but typically forget to do that without any bad effect.

Washing... mmmm.... I don't know! I haven't washed my tote bag; just wiped it off. The attached Tips sheet says not to wash or dry it. Good information there and I'm glad you asked because I hadn't looked for the information before!

Here is a link that might be useful: Laminated Fabric Care Tips

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I saw some laminated fabric at Joanns today. I actually left without buying anything! Good thing - because I couldn't resist buying the fabric I found at Tuesday Morning on my next stop.

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Fabric at Tuesday Morning, who knew?

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Another suggestion for using laminated fabric: iPad, Nook, Kindle covers. A co-worker just suggested it because she says she's always wiping cream cheese off her Kindle after she eats breakfast at Panera! LOL

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