New Pool build Charlotte, NC Take 2

swimminin2010October 6, 2010

Ready to start our new pool build and would appreciate any feedback on our plan. Being a total novice, I want to thank the many posters here who have been invaluable during the months I have spent lurking and planning our pool. So here goes...

18'x 38' 600 sq. ft.

3-1/2 to 8 ft.

1 6' bench, 1 3ft. bench

#3 rebar on verticals

#4 rebar on horizontals

12" centers from 3-5 feet

6" centers for 5ft. and deeper

stacked stone spillover spa 7' interior, 3' deep

precast concrete coping

800 sq. ft paver deck

skimmers 1 or 2 as needed

returns 2 or 3 as needed

CVSC main drain

2 LED pool lights, 1 LED spa light

polaris 360, black

2 sheer descents

pebble sheen

SR Smith Frontier III diving board

18" raised bond beam at pool with 25 LF of stacked stone/termintating in column with cap

25" raised wall at seating area with 15 LF of stacked stone/terminating in column with cap

overflow line

circulation system

Rainbow 320 series chlorine dispenser

Still trying to decided between Jandy and Pentair. PB has more experience with Jandy but I am leaning to Pentair because of their slant towards technology and iphone interface etc.

If we go with Jandy will have

Jandy epump

Jandy Aqualink PDA-4

Jandy 580CL filter

Heater 400,000 BTU w/electornic ignition

Jandy Watercolors

If we go with Pentair:

Intelliflow Pump

Easy Touch with some type of remote


Intellibrite lights

Heater 400,000 BTU w/electornic ignition

The Pentair upgrade to make everything compatible with iphone and home computers would be about $1500 and would include upgrading to Intellitouch and also a Screen Logic Interface.

Any opinions on any of my specs are greatky appreciated as I am a total novice. Thanks!

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*With this setup your Sheers will not work when you are in spa mode. You could add a dedicated pump for the sheers if desired.

* I would ask them the cost difference between the Polaris 360 and 280. The 360 uses your existing pump where as the 280 has it's own dedicated pump.

I lean toward Jandy. In my experience go with what the PB has experience with. There could be issues with warranty or service if he is installing something that he usually does not use.

* IMO I would opt for a bigger remote than a 4 circuit.
With an 8 you can add your outdoor lighting if you wanted to.

*Go with the (2) skimmers on an 600 sq. ft. pool

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2 skimmers for sure, and at least 3 returns with one being positioned over the love seat near the diving board, so it can blow off all the dirt that is going to settle there.
Sceadu, why is it better go with the cleaner that needs another separate pump?

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I love the design of the pool and you will love the sheer descents...we have two also and I just sit and watch and listen to the falling water and feel so peaceful! Your pool is about the same size as ours...18 x 36 for us. I think you will love that size as it is not too big, but TONS of room for everyone to enjoy (and plenty of room to keep up). :) Good luck!

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I like the 280 best of the Polaris systems. The 280 has a gear drive system where as the 360 and 380 are belt driven. I like having a separate pump to do the duty for the cleaner whereas the 360 taxes the circulation pump.

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sceadu - thanks for the feedback, PB says I am on borderline for 2 skimmers and that they will factor in prevailing winds and other factors and that sometimes you get better suction with one depending on each individual pool

as to the cleaner he says with a variable speed pump there may be some energy savings using the 360. I will ask him about the gears vs. belts

yes, we are going with 8 and I think we are going to get the intellitouch, PB will give same price as the Aqualink

ncrealestateguy- thanks I will ask about locating a return near the love seat

braindead - thanks for the reassurance, I am hoping this pool is the right size for us. It looks so small painted on the ground, but when I look at built pools of this size it seems about right...and I can't wait for those zen sheer descent moments too:)

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IMO, no pool that large, or even smaller, should only have one skimmer. That is how they built pools 30 years ago. Here in Charlotte, we get winds from all directions. Maybe it's just me, but I have owned 3 pools. I would like to hear some advice from the PBs.

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I am a PB in Atlanta and I have not built a pool without the use of 2 skimmers with the excpetion of a stand alone Spa.qq

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My pool is larger, but I love having two skimmers. Now that the leaves are starting to fall - you'll definitely appreciate it. Not only do two collect more than one, but if you are out of town for a couple of days and one gets more full than it should, the other can handle the overflow.

During the vast majority of the time when I'm emptying the skimmers well before they get full, I've noticed that one will collect more than the other at any given time - and then vice versa ... so don't count on the "prevailing wind" helping or hurting much.

Other than that - great looking pool. I've got Pentair equipment and have been very pleased. BTW - I'm in the Mint Hill area.

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From a practical ease of use point of view, I don't think you have near enough decking on the left side of the diving board or around the table.
It all looks fine on paper, but pull out a chair, and there is not enough room to walk around it.
Ours was drawn the same way and once coping was on, and before the deck poured, I took a hose around to visualize it all. I needed more decking.
The original plan called for decking 36in around coping, with an additional just out of 18" to go around the end of diving board. Grass is behind my board, and I knew with 3 coming teens, their friends, etc, what was proposed was not near adequate.
We ended up with 3' from the back edge of the diving board as well as made "just outs" to accomodate lounge chairs or a bistro table at both ends. Origianlly, it was just 3' and then tapered in.

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Now THAT'S a real diving board!

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