pressure testing pool supply line question

matrixunloadedOctober 12, 2011

I have read other posts here but have a specific question.

We have just installed a new auto-fill supply line. The contractor capped it at the hose bib and then ran another hose to his meter and set the pressure at 40 psi. Within 6 hours, pressure had dropped to 36 psi and by 18 hours it had dropped to 28 psi. At one point when hooking up the equipment, the pressure shot up to 60 psi until he adjusted it down.

Are these signs a reading of a bad PVC joint?


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Your probably okay. The temperature has a lot to do with it. If it's in the shade, the pressure goes down. In the sun, it goes up.


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35-40 PSI is pretty standard for water pressure testing PVC. Fluctuations in air temperatures can cause fluctuations during a pressure test.

Leaks, generally, will not hold pressure for any length of time. It's best to check for wet spots around fittings. Sometimes dry fits will hold some pressure.
As a rule, I prefer to pressure test the plumbing without the equipment attached.

With that said, I've found drips in spa plumbing eventhough the pressure was holding over 40 PSI. A visual/physical inspection is always helpful!
Good luck.

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