Crystal Foam Jet Advice Please

pooljewel_2010October 21, 2010

We have one Crystal foam jet that is spinning out of control. It is below the suggested water level stated by Crystal Fountains. They say 5" or less and we are currently at 6 1/2" on the tanning ledge where the jets are. The other one seems to be operating ok with the same water level. PB says they have placed them in 7" or more and never had a problem. They have tried to blow out the line to clear any debris and that did not help either. Any suggestions?

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I hate to break the news to you but someone must.
These water features like very shallow water.
I place mine at 7" below the gunite beam in 4" of water because of the wave oscillation.
They aren't clogged and they won't get better, your second one is probably to close and causing water oscillation (wave action) which will cause them to do what your experiencing.
Try dropping the water level of your pool an inch and a half to two and see if it improves. I'll bet the problematic foam jet will start working fine.
I experienced the same problem about 8 years ago with a 6" water depth and had to have the sunshelf raised 2" by my gunite contractor. Thankfully the finish was PebbleTec and the pool finish replaster was perfect.

I'm curious, did the pool builder place the fiber optic illuminated foam jets in your pool?
They're WICKED beautiful at night with the illuminator on.

Sorry I couldn't be of more help.

See ya,

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Thanks for the input. No, they are not the fiber optic, but I saw those on the Crystal Fountain website and they are awesome. PB did lower the water level so only 4" was on the foam jet and the problem was the same. The two jets are about 6-7ft apart. However, the spa spillover is right between the two so maybe that wave action is creating the problem.

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