Weird thing happening to pool

weaseOctober 12, 2010

I noticed the other day that my skimmer filter wasn't working. So I shut everything off and noticed that the flapper on the bottom of the float valve diverter was broken off (couldn't find it!).

So I did 2 things. I replaced my 35 year old pool filter assembly with a new Hayward unit (my old one was leaking water at the seams). I also bought a new flapper piece for the diverter valve.

Now, I can't get the skimmer to flow correctly. When I turn the pump on it empties the skimmer area in about 3 seconds, which closes the float valve and keeps it closed because of the pump suction. I believe it then works on the bottom drain. Not sure where I should set that flapper...should it be fully closed? I only had it partially open. It just seems like there's so much suction...too much. Maybe the new filter is too good.

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The flapper should pivot at the bottom freely, without binding. Sounds like it's a touch wide and needs the sides shaved so they don't bind against the side of the skimmer mouth.


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You nailed it. Nice job.

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quote" You nailed it. Nice job. "quote

That's why he's "THE MAN"

Scott, way to go!!!

In the past 3 or 4 years since you joined I've become incredibly jealous of your ability to hop in quickly on threads and give great insight.
I struggle just to get in here once or twice a week lately, LOL!!!

See ya,

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