On market 7 days no showings

raya7694March 13, 2010

The average days on the market is 90 days in our price range etc. Should I be worried that I have not had a single showing.

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raya, it may depend on where you live. Are you suburban, rural? 7 days doesn't seem long to me. At least you are not getting frivilous showings!

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Seven days is nothing- you'd better put on your patience hat and relax :)

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I don't think you should be worried just yet. I put my house on the market last July. I had one showing the first weekend, no showings the next weekend, one showing the next weekend, and then the third looker came the fourth weekend and bought the house.

According to my realtor, he fielded several phone calls from people who saw the sign outside the house. Most (possibly all) of the callers did not come in to see the house. From the reactions he got when he said the price, my realtor thought that the house was simply out of their price range. We were at the higher end of the neighborhood on house size and price.

You're at the hart part of selling a house where you have to sit and wait for those buyers to come in. It's stressful. Your house looks to be in good condition from the pictures in your other post. Hopefully, you'll get your buyer soon. Good luck!

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I agree, it is all about where you are and what is happening in your specific market. Not knowing that, if you can, and you believe your home to be priced reasonably, I'd suggest waiting it out a couple of weeks longer. Then, if nothing happens, consult with your realtor about how you've priced your house. Something to think about: My husband is a realtor and has clients who wanted to list their home at a specific price. They got no showings for a month. The very day they reduced the price, they had two showings. One couple made an offer and the house is under contract now.

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Do you have any stipulations to the showings? For example, we have a stipulation that the people coming through our home be quailified from the bank to purchase it. Two purposes in that. One, we don't want to waste anyone's time-ours or the buyers if they don't even qualify to buy our house. Two, I believe it shows we're not desperate to have just anyone going through our house-especially our neighbors, or anyone who just wants a look-who can't afford it. It cuts down on the showings. Remember the numbers of showings aren't everything. It just takes one person who loves your home and has to have it as their own! Take heart!

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"For example, we have a stipulation that the people coming through our home be quailified from the bank to purchase it."

You would have lost out on us buying your house though. I am not wanting to go and get a credit hit to get qualified unless I find a house I'm interested in. The chance your house will be the one is small and I don't want to take the chance of having a credit inquiry hurt my credit and then have another one a month later hurt it (I know some within a short period count as one inquiry but it is a relatively short period as I recall).

You also eliminate cash buyers. We started somewhat casually looking at houses a couple of months ago. Our existing house wasn't even on the market. But we saw one that caught our eye. We had no pre-qualification, no pre-approval letter, nothing. We simply saw the house and asked to see it. When we decided to buy it we also decided to pay cash. The seller did want some proof of funds from us before signing the contract. I could understand that and even though I felt that was very personal information I did provide it. No way I'm going to provide that to someone just to view a house.

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That's a chance we are willing to take. Serious inquiries only. It only takes about 30 minutes to get a letter from the bank (we've checked into this) to show proof. Your banker should know your financial info. Also, it is a higher end home.

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Well I am about to put my higher end home on the market (having bought our new home) and I don't plan to place stipulations on who can see it. BTW, it can take more than 30 minutes to get a letter from the bank. In our case we had money in a variety of places including retirement accounts and online banks. Our credit union wouldn't know any of that. We had no problem providing the info when it got to the contract stage and we would certainly ask for that when we get an offer on our house. I just don't see the not getting a letter meaning that someone isn't a serious inquiry. But you certainly can take the chance. Lots of sellers don't mind limiting their buyer pool to the point that they pass buy real potential buyers.

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kats meow-would love to see a link to your home when it goes up for sale! Good luck.

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