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thejimbarOctober 22, 2010

It's Oct 22 , our pool is still open as the leaves really haven't been an issue yet. We use and heat the hot tub every night to relax our old bones. We heat it up to 98 degrees. Last night it got to 87 and quit. Jandy Lite 2 (Lars) heater showed an FL 4 error. I've gotten this error in the past when the igniter went, but would this be an igniter issue as it was heating up? It was about 40 degrees last night, would the cold do something else to the heater. Tried to start again this morning, same FL 4 error code.

Any info or help would be appreciated. Thanks. Jim NJ

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What does FL indicate

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On this heater FL4 is an ignitor code. Check the ohms and on a cold ignitor it should ohm out at 60-80.

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If you have too low of gas pressure you will get fl4 as well. The reason the cold could cause this is because other heat sources are putting a strain on your gas system.

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Disconnect the wire leads from the end of the ignitor and check it from the ends on the connector? Is that how I check it with a meter?

Racket, going to check that out. Just had a second gas Ac/Furnace zone added to our new addition. That might make sense as it did error during heat up, not start up.

Is there a way to reset the error code to clear it or does that not have to be done?

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Thanks guys, finally got a chance to look at heater inside and found 2 blown 2 amp fuses as well as a pretty cooked ignitor. Not sure if I broke the ignitor end pulling it out, or if it was already fried..... Under warranty from Jandy so I'll get my $150 back or at least another replacement ignitor for the future. Thanks again.

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Scott we need to get togeather almost time to replace the liner, also one spring broke over the winter and stiching on one seam. need prices for liner again , I know you want to due it earley. 698-8860 Mike or Roseanne thanks Scott.

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Sounds like the igniter was an issue. Aswell as gas supply. While your pool tech is their have him re-evaluate the gas supply. As you have made changes in your gas demand. Also the error codes should be on a sticker inside the main door on the heater or in the manual or if you need to view a manual Also the lite 2 model has an igniter retro kit which has made the igniter more efficiant and increased its longivity. If the igniter was attached to the far left burner the change has already been made. If the igniter was in a box in the middle then it has not. This is not a recall or a must but I would make the upgrade. It would help your pool tech if you looked on all the gas appliences you have and wrote the max gas demand rateing down this includes your lite 2 heater (anything you got that uses gas). Add all max rateings together. This should not exceed your gas meter or gas meter supply line capability. Do not ask the gas company to evaluate this as they are almost always unreliuable in this matter. Also some gas companies have been known to reduce their pressures. After you have the pool tech check the numbers and if nessary after you have him check the manifold pressures on the lite 2 with lots of demand from other appliences ( If the supply numbers are way off then you do not need manifold readings If their close this is sometimes necessary to prove a point to the gas company ). Then you call gas the company. After meter size and meter supply line size is corrected if needed (most likely both) your pool tech will need to check pressures at lite 2 heater manifold with a manometer to make sure the gas company got it right. As this sounds like alot it will save you a fortune in service issues.

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