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nofearfredOctober 11, 2012

I'm in the market for a new filter due to the old one springing a leak, and would be grateful for any assistance anyone can give.

The pool is aprox. 45 years old, plaster, about 30,000 gallons (hard to determine with the slope 3' to 10')

Pump is a Sta-rite Supermax 1hp....only two seasons old so really don't want to change.

Plumbing to the pump is 2"...fed with a 1.5" from the skimmer and a 1.5" dedicated vacuum line that I have a suction cleaner attached to.

An issue is the return lines to the pool, it's a 1.25" metal (galvanized?) into the ground that splits to two return jets in the pool. I've added some solar panels to try and offset the piping difference from the suction and return, by running the exit of the panels across the pool deck hidden below the sliding board.

Old filter was a Pac-fab DE only 36sq'.

I'd like to stay with DE and am intrigued by the Pentair quad DE.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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A Quad 80 is a bit much for a 1 HP pump to properly coat the elements. An FNS Plus 60 would be better for you.

The metal pipes are 1.5" in all likelihood. They are also likely to be copper and should be replace with PVC. Let the pH drop for a period and green stains will form.

Suction lines are normally a little bigger than the returns. Its safer.


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Thanks for the reply Scott. The pump was my concern with the 80. I was amazed at the differences in opinions of the local PB's. Any advice on reputable pool guys in the Philly burbs?

There has been a pool fund started to replace the deck, coping, and pipes. It's just not feasibly possible at the moment. Unless there is a complete failure of the pipes they will have to hold out hopefully 4 or 5 more years, they are definitely not copper, at least what is visible above ground and in the pool.

Thanks for your input, it's highly appreciated.


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