What is your decorating failure? Pic

OakleyMay 17, 2010

Surely someone besides myself has a problem like mine.

We have a green chair and a half in the LR. I recently got out a summer lap quilt to hang over the back and it makes a big difference to the room to make it more light and airy.

I love lap quilts, use them all year long, but the one on the chair is for looks, not to be used.

Well, this is what I'm dealing with every day now. My dog always sleeps on the sofa until I put this particular quilt on the back of the chair.

Now this is her sleeping place and it takes her a good two minutes to get it just right. lol

I give up!

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Christy Bell

No help - but this is hilarious!

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I have to laugh- I have a green chair and a half as well, and for some reason we never, ever sit in it. I doubt a human has spent a total of ten minutes in it ever. I love that it is so beautiful, but it was a huge waste of money- we call it our $900 cat bed.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

That is adorable oakley!

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Oh! How funny! Our cat has snagged one of our lap blankets and a corner on the couch too! She's on it right now as I write this and gives anyone who distrubs her a very dirty look! LOL...

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Your dog has excellent taste. She looks like she's settled in for a good long nap.

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Cear, I love that chair! I like my chair but I'd like to get a different one. We don't sit on it either but when we have company over, two people can sit on it which is great.

Lukkiirish, when we got new furniture the first time years ago, I would NOT let my cats lay on top of it because they end up with a "sinking spot."

You know what? I've grown to love the look of a sunk down sofa back. There's just something "homey" to the look. Does that make sense?

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oakley...I just had to say that I cracked up when I saw your pic. Your "baby" seems sooooo comfortable that it is worth the effort to straighten the quilt daily!!!!

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I have chairs that I have bought and they are a waste, except for company. So, I guess it isn't a waste, but I am more of a sofa person.

Well, I don't know if this would qualify but I use to be into willow furniture, even in the house. Now it is on the porch, and I'd rather have antique wicker. But money is tight.

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I LOVE that pic! It makes me think of many similar ones that I have, with one, two or all three of my dogs having made themselves comfy in their favorite chair, loveseat or the sofa.

This is a Hickory Chair Co chair that I bought on CL. I covered it with a sheet in my office, as I knew it would be 'dogged'. Jenny pulls the sheet away and lays directly on the chair, using a toile pillow I made for added comfort.

Different day, different sheet, different dog - Joey, making sure that he is UNDER the protective sheet, and right on the chair. Note how I thought a fitted sheet would stay on better? Ha!

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oakley that dog is a stitch! May not be the decorating statement you want to make, but we're enjoying it!

My current 'failure' has me absolutely twisted sideways. I bought a huge old vintage tanker desk as the starting point for an office re-do for DH. Broke it down into components for ease of transport and to make the powder coating process better. Picked it up yesterday, it's beautiful, put it back together to find that in the pc process, ALL THE FLIPPIN' DRAWER GLIDES MELTED so the drawers don't operate right. Never even occurred to me to ask and obviously the guy didn't offer that piece of info - GRRRRR!!! Now I'm trying to find parts for a desk that hasn't been manufactured for 40 years and there are none to be had. Some useless items turn into paperweights or boat anchors - this one WAY (weigh!) exceeds both of those.

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I understand your problem; despite careful coordination of the colors, the garden inspired lap quilt is almost completely covering the clean, classic lines of the English Pointer.

I certainly sympathize with how that "circle three times and wallow out a nest" thing is hard to work around. I spent the winter with an adult Fila sprawled out on his back in the middle of the bed; trust me, it was nothing like the Wyeth painting.

But for the lap robe on a chair, I wonder if heavy brass blanket pins on the back side would do the trick?

Here is a link that might be useful:

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LOL, I bet she is very appreciative that you placed a quilt there for her. :O)

There are 6 pillows on the floor around the house, so I understand!

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Oak I know what you mean, it's all about everyone being comfy. I've always had a specific blanket they knew was theirs. They'd lay on that and no where else but some how when she was really ill, she found this spot and blanket. I didn't have the heart to chase her off. For us, it's fine the couch ended up being one of our biggest designer mistakes! As far as I'm concerned she can have the darn thing! :c)

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oakley - absolutely precious. I wouldn't disturb her, she looks like it took quite a bit of doing to get that quilt just right!

littledog - I have that Wyeth print. Bought it at the Wyeth Museum years ago. Had it framed and it hangs in the upstairs hall. Reminds me of all of my yellow dogs who have slept on our bed over the years:)).

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

Everytime it rains, one of my dogs thinks it's his time to sleep in the big bed with me. And I let him, of course! I carefully cover 90% of bed with old sheets, make a nest for him next to me, and in general get him all comfy. It is not uncommon to wake up multiple times with an ear on my face.
But, I get up for two seconds to go to the bathroom and come back and he is now making a nest on my pillow!

Enter the other dog- lightening is flashing so I put her up on the bed with me too. Again, most of the blankets are covered with LAYERS of old flannel sheets. I hug her to my hip, snuggle with her.....she crawls over to the uncovered side and snuggles under my sheets.
Meanwhile the first dog is making a nest (3 rounds? hahahaha)
and eventually uncovers the fancy nice sheets and blankets underneath it all.

I am forced in the morning to strip the bed and wash everything. Again. Maybe some of you wouldn't wash so much but my dogs aren't the cleanest furbabies around.

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Isn't it amazing how dogs know to use a pillow for their head? Monkey see monkey do I suppose. They watched us and realized it's a good thing!

Bumble, I have to change the sheets often because Grace insist on sleeping under the covers. Sometimes I lay a big towel there when it's been muddy outside.

My3dogs, did you tack the sheet onto the chair or is it just tucked in?

I keep a sheet on the sofa full time for the dog but I cannot find one that looks good. I pull it off when company is coming.

Grace is tired today after playing a lot yesterday outside. She got up for her milkbone then went back to "bed." lol

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dlm, can you take a picture of the desk? I'd love to see it.

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I will get pics oakley and probably start a new thread because I'm really gonna need help with this one!

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lukkiirish: The fabric on your couch looks amazingly like a couch (and loveseat) I have in my family room. And just recently my dog decided to eat part of one of the arm pillows (the couch consists of loose back pillows and arm pillows). And I do mean eat -- swallow and proceed to be sick. Apparently she thought the corner pillow tassel hanging down would be fun and then proceeded to work on the stuffing and edge of the pillow as well. Do you have a picture of the whole thing? I bought it from a friend of a friend and I have no idea where it came from or what the quality of the piece is.

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oakley... she is so cute and looks comfy!

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That is not a decorating failure.

That is a wonderful decorating success.

Your pup adds just the right organic touch, and a sense of texture to the other-wise flat quilt.

She must stay!

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prickly, we bought this sofa 7 years ago at JC Penney, its a huge section, made by Bauhaus, a division of Lazy Boy. JCP had it in stock as recently as last year. The quality of the entire sofa in one word sucks. I don't have a full picture of it, but can take one for you tomorrow. If I forget or you have any other question, feel free to email me. :c)

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lol, Caroline! Yeah, she's a keeper. She has her own blankie on the sofa but I think it's too "Winter" for her so she moved to a prettier one. :)

Seriously, I'd love to buy one of those dog blankets to lay on the sofa where we sit so people would know what it's for, but they are so expensive! And probably not cool to the touch to sit on in the summer.

I have this thing with wearing shorts and sitting on too warm of a sofa. Anyone else? When we bought this sofa last year I made sure it would feel good on bare legs. lol

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oakley, we have leather furniture and keep a quilt on the couch at all times for the furbabies. We also keep a couple of blankets on the loveseat for them. Whenever company comes, we run around picking up all the mess! It is amazing what we do for our babies!

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My cat bed is a 22" round art glass piece that sits on our coffee table. The cool depression in the middle is our cat's favorite hangout...

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I need a canine! Our cats are not nearly as entertaining!

Biggest decorating failure? Trying to keep plants alive in the built in brick planter in the living room. Either the cats eat them or I forget to water. This has been going on for years. Huge, wonderful vision of a lush planter, buy new plants, see them die.
Over and over and over.....

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I love these photos!
This chair.... is sit at your own risk. It doesn't matter how often I vacuum I still find cat hair because they've all three claimed it as their bed. :)

I've just about given up on this. Since I'm home more now I see it all the time. The one on the left is defiant and will just look at me when I shoo him. I hit him with three or four squirts of water today before he decided to slowly get up and give me a mean look, lol.

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I definitely have decorating issues. I've since covered the pool table with a horrid plastic cover, but it does keep the cat off it.

The chair was moved from the family room to the office, where it matches nothing, to accommodate the cat. He needs a comfortable place to sleep while I am working, and the desk is just too hard. Note the lovely towel on the chair. I have towels and blankets on most upholstered chairs, and like a previous poster I run around like mad taking them off whenever guests are due.

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I was wondering if I was the only one covering furniture and madly taking things off when someone shows up unexpectedly!

Shee, I'd let the cats have their spot. I showed my dh your picture since we have the same sofa and cats who sleep on the top of it also and told him, "Maybe we should try laying up there if it's that comfortable!" lol.

Just get two handtowels to lay on top and when someone comes over run and take the towels off! :)

The cat on the pool table is priceless!

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Ha! Now I don't feel so bad about having a towel covering all the cushios of our chairs! Looks like it's a decor trend! HA!

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As you can tell Roxy used to lay where ever she wanted, which was usually on me.


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I finally made a window seat out of the long window planter we had. Went through the same as you and just gave up. Some of us just don't have the hand needed for house plants. You must have a 70s house, this used to be a norm for unique interiors.

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Thanks, lukkiirish! Good to know. Mine is probably from JCPenney as well, as the material looks exactly the same. The quality never seemed great to me, and it's not exactly my favorite style. I was a poor college student at the time and couldn't afford to buy new furniture, so used furniture was my only option. So far they've held up reasonably to regular usage (they are in my family room/TV room and were for a while the only seating in the house), but the material is starting to pill and the dog eating one of the pillows didn't help much either.

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Shee, I love those pics! They don't look like they could be more comfortable.

I use a combo of donuts and mats to avoid vacuuming/lint rolling all the time.

Here is a link that might be useful: have this on 3 different chairs and dh's ottoman

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awwww... I love the pet pictures!

We hardly ever use our living room; it's open to the DR so we mostly use it for extra tables when we have a big dinner party. But there's a nice couch in there, and the dog has been caught napping on it a couple of times. He's a Labradoodle so he doesn't shed, so it doesn't really bother me. DH always shoos him off there, but I figure someone might as well use that couch! I have started placing the deco pillows on it strategically to hide the corners he has chewed... (he's still a puppy.)

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1958 house. Would love to see your window seat. Great idea!
But don't post the pic on this thread unless it's a failure. lol!

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I just loved this thread. It took me a while to get some of my photos uploaded...but here they are. My beautiful sofa of SHAME:

Apparently no one can read the dang sign!

Here they are together. Luckily, I had the foresight to put a blanket on the sofa this time!

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My shih tzu leaves the same indentations at the top of my back sofa cushions. She thinks she's a cat, and will "only" sleep on the back tops of our chairs and sofas upstairs and downstairs, and, of course, on my all white bed linens.

Oh....and the dining room window sill!

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Great pictures! And I also have blankets covering the furniture that I take off when non-family members visit.

Love the cats on the back of the sofa's ... I obviously do not have such comfortable (for the cats) sofas, since they don't do that at my house!

I moved the "dogs" chair and a half into another room since I bought myself a new recliner ... guess I bought a smaller chair since no one claims it yet but me.

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Love the pet pics. I have lost many a fine piece of furniture because of the habits or accidents of cats and dogs. Funny, I don't miss the ruined furniture, but I sure miss my furry friends who passed on.

I am currently owned by a bishon and a doxie. They are doing better than their predecessors about staying off the furniture because they trained me to keep comfy overstuffed beds for them in every room. Add that to the clutter of 15 or 20 stuffed animals (their toys) strewn daily through the house. I have lots to grab when company is coming!

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Ok Oakley, I have your kitchen tile in my basement, and now I want the dog! LOL! No wait, wait I have four+ dogs already including a Labrador who is undergoing chemotherapy for lymphoma, sooooooooo...never mind. The hair, the HAIR, THE HAIR! Not from the chemo, but because he's a dog! I utter curse words on a daily basis. I'm constantly washing spreads and throws and sheets that I've had draped over the furniture. Does anyone else out their have to vacuum their dang washer and dryer?!!!

PUPWHIPPED...see, I told you I had a bunch of pups!

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Yep, me too. Can't imagine why we ever thought a dark leather sofa would be a good idea. Actually, I don't know why we even considered having a sofa at all. There is never any room on it for people. And if we shoo them off the sofa, they just go to the chairs. If people are using up all the space on the furniture, the dogs will stand with their chins on the sofa and whine and look so offended! They will occasionally stretch out along the top of the back cushions, which knocks the painting and causes it to hang askew.
They will use the decorative throws, but no toss cushion is allowed to remain on the furniture. After all, toss cushions take up valuable snoozing space. And in this house, if you sit down on the sofa without paying attention, you're libel to get a nylabone wedged in your butt.


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photo didnt post, trying again

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Love this thread!

My dog and cat both loved sleeping on the top part of our sofas. I used to keep blankets there for them. Hated having to 'fluff' the cushions every day though. The dog has a bad back now, so I try to keep him on his dog bed on the floor.

We also have a leather chair that my husband calls the $500. cat scratching post.

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Laurie (MsRose), your photo cracked me up---I can so relate! Your cuties are just adorable!! Thanks for cheering me up today!

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Do I have the only kitties who have jobs...??




Media installer...

Windowsill duster...

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This is such a charming discussion!
Go to www.alexross.com and check out the dog and cat art there.

My FAVORITE is the one by Stepen Huneck called MENAGE A TROIS. It shows the foot view of the bed, the head of the dog is sticking out from under the covers and so are the feet of two adults. I loved it so much I did my own version of it and saved the bucks--for now anyway. At some point I may buy it. The artist has many many animal subjects in his art work. Very humorous and also very touching.

Here is a link that might be useful: Alex Ross animal art for humans

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I thought this thread had died down and I missed some good pictures! Those three dogs on the sofa is hilarious. And I love the way the sofa is smooshed in on your's, tommorrow. For some reason, it just looks "right." Homey!

I showed this picture a long time ago. I had just come home from the store, opened the bread box, picked up the loaf of bread, then turned around and saw this:

Lizzy, the kitty we found in the backyard last year.

And for giggles, this is Rex who we found as a kitten in the snow a year before last. They're best buds. Taken before wood flooring was laid:

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