Raypak 267A Fan Malfunction

bassman67October 20, 2010

I have a Raypak 267A Spa heater that I can't seem to get fixed. It ignites, the main burner and blower fan comes on and 10 to 15 seconds later shuts down with a FAN malfunction.Any ideas on a fix???

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Probably a bad blower vac switch.

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I have jumpered the blower pressure sw and disconnected the lead from the sw to the board and each time the main burner did not come on. With the sw hooked up correctly the main burner comes on, at least for 10-15 sec. Other ideas???

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Could be a bad ground or missing/loose bond wire. This would lead to a lack of flame rectification. Also possible insufficient gas pressure.

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The saga continues.After checking all wire connections the symptons have changed. The unit constantly recycles without
a fan malfunction.It goes from being on to Spk after 10-15 sec of full burner and blower on I believe your lack of flame rectification may be right.What is a bond wire? IE fusible link. Maybe imbedded in the board? I talked to the gas company and their service pressure and volume has not changed. More help needed. Tks

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