Deck O Drain use against side of house

cakelady_2010October 27, 2010

Sorry to hog the forum this morn., one more question. I am second guessing use of a deck o drain system against the side of my house that will drain into my landscape underground drainage. I choose not to have overflow or autofill plumbing on the pool. In the situation of having the pool overflow into the yard or during a heavy rain onto the deck, I think there is a chance the water will sit against the side of the house before completely draining off. Will it be possible at this point with the placement of the long plumbing to add regular drains that would connect to landscape drainage in the decking? Will this be a huge upgrade in expense?

Looking forward to anyone with experience here for incite. May need a prepool cold margarita after work today :)

Here is a link that might be useful: The Fun Begins!! Missouri City, TX Pool Build

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cake lady I also had reservations however when our pool over flows it goes into the drains and we never had flooding issues. Maybe the difference is that we have pavers and some of the moisture does flow into the ground. I also had interior deck drains placed which comes from the downspouts and all flow into a 4 inch underground drainage pipe. Hope this helps

Here is a link that might be useful: Our new pool build in Jacksonville FL

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Thanks Brentr for your feedback! I think the deck o drain blends in nice with your pavers. It looks like it is placed midway between the pool and your covered patio. Ours is planned to run along the foundation of the house. I think the round deck drains placed midway would keep the water from running back into the pool and away from our house. I'm not sure since the pool pluming runs in that area if it will be possible though.

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cakelady the distance from our patio to the deck o drain is 3 feet. There also is an angle so water drains to the deck o drain. As I recall the deck o drain is about 3-4 inches deep so it can be placed any where and would not harm your pool plumbing. The only challenge is that you would have to pull up the deck o drain if you had to repair your pool plumbing.

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If I were building your deck you'd have deck-o-drain against the slab to act as an expansion buffer and emergency drainage. The primary drains would be 4" sdr35 pvc pipe with drains set in the center of the deck between the house and pool as you described.
Don't worry about the pool plumbing pipes, your area is very receptive to catch basin placement, you can move them off center toward the lower side of your porch/pool levels. If the porch and the pool are at the exact same level I'd place them closer to the pool.
You can hook these to the landscape drains if your existing drain pipe is at a lower elevation than the new deck pipe where they will "Y" into the old pipe. Don't let your installer use a "T" to make the connection even if he says it's OK because it's a sanitary T.

See ya,

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Thank you so much for your detailed response!

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If you have deck o drain against your house guess that means the water will flow toward house? Bad idea......

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