May 2013 Quilting/Sewing Goals

geezerfolks_SharonG_FLMay 1, 2013

It's May Day! You ever go around the May Pole with ribbons? It's a wonder I can even remember something like that! HA! Supposed to have May flowers from the April showers, but not sure how that'll work with snow still on the ground in some areas! Crazy weather the last couple of years, eh?

I'm so pleased at being able to get last months goals met that I'm hoping to meet this months, too. Going to try and keep it simple again.
1. Sandwich a QOV
2. Make DGD a bed-caddy (she was over yesterday and made 3 pillows! I was so proud of her....pic on FB)
3. I'm allowing myself to start another quilt. I thought I had it all chosen, but now I'm thinking about a different one. Has to be easy as I'm still fighting what seems like saran-wrap over my eye!

How about the rest of you? Big plans, little plans, we want to hear them plans, too, because some of you like to play in the dirt but we love you anyway. âº


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This weekend I will try to:

~ sew the last two seams on HST Chantilly quilt and get started adding the three borders

~ continue weaving on the fall colors scarf (even though I'm not liking it so much - might keep it for myself and do another one for my niece)

~ start sewing on the peasant blouse for my Etsy shop, it's all cut out after all!


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Sharon, I'm so sorry about your eye. I hope it keeps getting better. My May goals are as follows.

1) Bind my Marimekko quilt.
2) Bind my transparency quilt. It's at the LAQ now.
3) Piece a Simple Logs quilt in purple batiks for a good friend. Need to buy some Minky for the backing.
4) Cut and start to piece a quilt for my aunt. I have the fabrics all washed. It's another transparency quilt.
5) Post photos of the quilts in #1 and #2 above. I am so happy with the way the came out, and I can't wait to show and tell.
6) Make a Lotto block.

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I am so bad at keeping to my goals that I almost hate to venture out. But, I do know I intend to put the binding on my depression block quilt soon. It's a king size so has been a real load to work with.

I am also finishing the quilting on my challenge piece. Then, I plan to design a piece to applique for our quilt show in September. Don't know if that will work out.

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Well, I started a wall hanging last weekend, so I guess I should finish it this month. :) I have to stop changing the design!

The next 2 weekends and every night next week are booked solid, so probably no sewing till mid-month for me. When the wall hanging is done I think I'll get out the king size top that's been in the closet for over a year and get it quilted. :)


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May is a bizarre month for working outside, but I still get my hour anyway in the sewing room first thing of a morning. I've been doing short stints of making 3-1/2" HST and banding them up in quantities of 16. I am terrible about loosing count, and this way I know just by counting the bands how many block's worth I've made. I have 144 of them made so far........and just thinking about how many I'll need for a full-sized quilt makes me want to just forget about it. LOL But, it's sort of mindless busy work and gives me some quality time with that ornery cat who always joins me and gets into mischief. He is now into laying on the foot pedals and turning the machine on when I get up to press something. Caused a nasty jam the other day.

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Calliope, isn't that just the way! But they are so funny. One thing I found out with my newest machine is it won't 'go' unless the presser foot is down. Saves a bundle of nests!

Donna, Don't you love it when you get the nudge to work on something that's been put back for awhile?

TG/Linda, Awwww, I appreciate you posting and making the effort. Those huge quilts can be so heavy and cumbersome that usually we sleep soundly the night after working on them.

Thank you, Lois. From what I'm hearing, surgery is the only way to get rid of it. In the meantime, my sister (that you met) is in ICU in Chicago.....septic shock. Almost lost her Tuesday night. - I'm so sorry you have to go shopping for minky! Yeah, right! HA! Looking forward to your show and tell.

Teresa, Can't wait to see your Chantilly quilt. I check your Etsy store every once inawhile to see what else you're working on besides quilts. :-)

I have a good start on Meagan's bed caddy. Didn't have any 'quilted' fabric, so made some.......hoo-rah, used up more stash! I had forgotten how long and boring making that quilted fabric is! The bed caddies are so easy to make that you girls with Etsy stores could keep a few on hand. Hmmmm, I might add this to my Aunt Sharon, Bless Her Heart projects. Have a good day everyone.......


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The Seven Pocket Bed Caddy is completed! Onward to the next project (and remember to buy some quilted fabric the next time I'm at the store)

Here is a link that might be useful: Bed Caddy

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Ya'll all sound so energetic. This month I am going to try to hand-sew the last 6 remaining blocks for my friend Christy's grandbaby quilt. If I get that done I think I will pat myself on the back.

Best to you,

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It's time to remind y'all about your to-do list for this month. How's it going?

1. Sandwich a QOV - DONE and am quilting it....would be nice if I can get it all done this month.
2. Make DGD a bed-caddy - DONE
3. I'm allowing myself to start another quilt. - I pulled out the pink and white 3-D pinwheel blocks I had made a few years ago and sewed them together and put a pieced border on. I think that's all it requires so hope to get it sandwiched this month. Not sure how to quilt it. FWIW.....don't think I'll make anymore of the 3-D blocks. While they are pretty and fun, they boggle my mind for a 'quick' way to quilt....and I don't want to tie it, though a 'tie' in the middle of the pinwheels wouldn't be such a bad thing.......hmmmm.

Oh, and I got my garden in...whooooohooooo. All five pink flowers, a yellow tomato plant and hanging basket with purple flowers......all on the front porch where I can see and enjoy them! I am such a garden whiz!!! LOL


PS: My sister is home and has a long recovery time ahead of her, but we're glad she's home and recovering. Her doctors told her that 70% of the people who are under 65 years of age, do not live through this, plus, she had the blood clot in her lung to deal with. Thank you everyone for your prayers.

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Well, the wall hanging still needs the outer borders. I'm hoping to have at least Saturday of next weekend to sew! Last night Mark made plans with his step-mom to meet her and dad for lunch after church Sunday, so those two things will take up most of the day. Oh, for a weekend with NO commitments! LOL

I decided a week or so ago to make a quilt for my little sister's birthday in August. She's going to be 50 (!) and I haven't made her a quilt in a long time. So I guess quilting the king size CW top will wait (again).

I have a kit for Turning Twenty Around the Block (I think that's the name of the version I have) so that's the one I'll make for my sister. I've never made a Turning Twenty, but hopefully it won't take long.


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It's going slow but steady, Sharon. I am on block 17 and 18 of the depression block quilt. I'm thinking of stopping at a 6X7 footer, but will make that decision when I get that far. The more blocks I get together, the more I am liking that pattern. It's eating my smaller scraps up nicely and that's one of my goals. I am doing the HST a different way, and they are some of the sharpest and most accurate I've ever absolute necessity in a quilt made entirely of HSTs. It's my only iron in the quilting fire at present and it feels soooo good not to have several other quilts in the background. I'll back and batt it with that Goodwill find from last month. Plenty of chocolate brown cotton and enough batting for a queen sized quilt......all for less than three dollars. argh!

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I finished all the blocks for Christy's grandbaby quilt. :-) Hoping later this month to sew them all together to make the quilt-top. This is a busy month for my family, school finishing and getting ready for upcoming RV trips, and have started exercising. Here is a pic of the layout for Christy's grandbaby quilt.

Best to you,

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It's beautiful Sandra. Just so joyful!

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Wow, great news Sharon! Glad to hear she's mending.

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Wow, can you believe we're coming up on Memorial Day week-end?

The QOV I was quilting is now on the back burner. It was starting to stress me out so folded it up and set it aside for now. Pulled out the other QOV and decided to make red and white checkerboard to put on each end to make it longer. It's really a busy quilt and was hoping to slow it down a bit. Still don't have the 3D Pinwheels sandwiched, but the backing is ready and I pulled out some batting yesterday.

Graduation Open House for our fifth grandchild is this week-end (in Indiana), but we won't be able to attend. Putting it in perspective, and thinking about all that has happened, it's ok.

Any updates?


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I finished my magnolia top. :) I ended up going to see mom last Sat. and told her I wasn't coming next weekend, so as far as I know I have a 3 day weekend OFF!!!!! Woohoo!

Hopefully my cut finger will be recovered enough to sew by then. :( I cut it dicing an onion Mon. night. But at least now I know how to get DH to cook dinner! LOL


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I finished the turning twenty top yesterday! It goes together pretty quickly.

Here is my magnolia wall hanging. It's 48" square:

And here is the turning twenty. It was a kit I bought at a quilt show several years ago.

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Donna,, Sorry about your cut finger, but glad it's healed enough to sew and that your DH has been preparing dinner for you. We'd probably have cereal around here, or maybe a can of chili poured over a frozen burrito with a blob of peanut butter on the top of his. lol

I don't think I've ever made a Turning Twenty, but it looks to be a great pattern for large print fabric. I'll have to keep this in mind as I have a few of those. The center of the Magnolia wallhanging is laid out similar to the Granny Squares I've been playing with.

Y'all know I'm trying to use up my stash and not buy fabric but I broke down when I came upon this site. For some reason, I've been going for charms and jelly rolls and this place seems to have some good prices. I didn't order much but shipping seemed to also be priced well.....will report when I receive the order.


Here is a link that might be useful: New to me place to spend money

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