Coffee Station in Bedroom

kksmommyMay 29, 2009

I know a lot of the new construction is including a coffee station in the master bedroom. I LOVE this idea and would like to do something similar, but with a small table or dresser. Has anyone done something similar? I would love to see pics! Thanks!

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It seems romantic, but I can't get past the practical issues. Where do you draw the water - clanking a coffee pot in the bathroom sink? I like half & half in my coffee, so now we need a refrigerator - which makes noise in the night. Sugar, be careful of ants, so make sure you clean up well, which brings us back to the bathroom sink and washing the coffee pot, the cups, the spoons. Where do the grounds go?

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We have acquaintances (notice I did not say friends, just some nice folks we know) but very nice couple (physicians) who have a large suite(s) with his/her baths. Hers is very French and his very british, on either side of the large house (I mean bedroom). They have this thing you are talking about but theirs is more like a butler pantry, come coffee bar/liquor bar. My guess is the domestic help clean it ;-)

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Ohhhh, so English! I picture an alcove with a coffee/tea maker in your bedroom. The English ones are called "Teasmade" -- Google it and you'll see combination bedside clocks and tea makers -- your first cuppa is ready when you wake up. If you already have water piped to the master bath, could you have it brought over to your new coffee station and have a tiny sink with it? What luxury!

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holleygarden Zone 8, East Texas

We have a morning kitchen in the master bedroom, and I could never live without it now! If my house burned down, I would change a lot of things, but keep the morning kitchen! And, as pointed out by graywings on the practicals, we have a VERY small refrigerator and a super small sink there, too. :) Have just a small coffee maker/toaster from the dollar store. Coffee grinds go in the garbage can under the sink.
I think you could do something like this with a little table that has doors. The only thing you really need is a plug for the coffee maker. Put the coffee maker on top of the table, with the coffee, sugar, non-dairy creamer, etc. in pretty canisters, a garbage can hidden behind the doors of the table, and just transport the coffee pot to your kitchen at night to rinse out and refill with water for in the morning. Super simple, but I bet you will love having coffee in the morning without having to go into the kitchen. Maybe it's a silly indulgence, but one I love!

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Oh I am loving this! Thanks for the replies. I will have to do some google searching. My DH looked at me like I was insane when I brought it up, but then again, I think he insane because he doesn't drink coffee!

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I think it makes your house like a motel. The practical issues would bother me, and it's just sort of odd. Why not get a coffee make with w/ a timer? Or hire live-in help?

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tishtoshnm Zone 6/NM

Our coffeemaker has a built-in grinder that has its own timer. Dh and I have opposing shifts and I do not want to wake up to that sound. I also do not like smells infiltrating my bedroom other than fresh air (kinda funny since I am surrounded by people with horses).

However, if I were to consider this, I would probably purchase a maker that used pods (easier clean up). Another option is one of the high end appliance manufacturers has a built-in coffee thingamajig where you can have the water plumbed to it and that could be very nice as well. Have fun in your search.

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Well, I actually have a coffee maker with a timer. I just love the idea of having a fresh cup of coffee right there to wake me up in the morning. I understand it sounds a little different, but to me it sounds great! :) I don't see anything wrong with my bedroom being like a hotel room, if it is a luxury hotel room! :)

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I just got a Keurig coffee maker that takes k-cups - they're little self-enclosed single serving coffee things - they look like half & half containers, but they have the coffee grounds inside of them. They brew one cup at a time in about 30 seconds. There's a big water resevoir on the side that you refill when it's empty - it's good for several cups, then you can just detach the reservoir and take it to the sink to refill. There are no grounds to throw away - you just take the little plastic cup out and toss it.

It would definitely be more convenient for keeping in a bedroom - no coffee to measure, filters to deal with, or big pot to clean (it brews right into your mug). Creamer, sugar and the k-cups can be kept in the drawer under the coffee maker.

The K-cups are a good bit pricier than regular bulk coffee and the environmentally conscious part of me cringes every time I toss one of those plastic cups out, but they're so convenient. I can have my full strength in the AM and a cup of decaf in the afternoon or before bed without having to waste half a pot of coffee. And if you're just looking to get your first mug in you as you're showering and getting dressed, it would be perfect - you'd make your first cup and not have to worry about the rest of the coffee in the pot. You could take your mug to the kitchen when you're done and bring a clean one up when you go to bed that night so you'd have it in the AM. Seems like an easy way to have coffee in the bedroom without all the mess.

Good luck!

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lkplatow, I was quite interested in the K-cup. My DH called me in to look at them one night on QVC but it was during the time my house was flooded and my heat had gone out and I just did not have the wherewithal to buy something at that point in time but this sounds interesting. Tell me how long you have had yours and if you would buy again. It sounds like you would. I am like you I cringe about the tossing of yet another plastic item and then there would be no grounds for my garden and my little composters love coffee grounds. But, my arm is often easily twisted in favor of convenience.

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We got one of these recently - they even have an older model at Costco. If you simply like the fact that you can make a single cup of coffee, there's a filter available on Amazon that lets you use your own coffee so you don't have to throw out plastic. I have one but haven't tried it yet.

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tishtoshnm Zone 6/NM

patricia, I don't have one but have seriously considered getting one to keep in my office for when I need coffee at night and the regular coffee maker parts are in the dishwasher. They have the Keurig in the waiting room where my DS gets occupational therapy and it brews a pretty decent cup of coffee and I think that they are reasonably priced. I would get one except that my plants do need the coffee grounds as well and I would still have to go to the kitchen to get my half-n-half and if I am already there, might as well make coffee the old fashioned way.

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My son and his wife have used the K cup for a few years now and that's all they'll use. They love the convenience, along with the different flavors of coffee and hot chocolate. No mess with them either.

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Patricia (and anyone else interested in the Kcup),

I ordered my K-cup brewer a couple months ago after having some of the coffee at a friend's house. I'd never seen one before and had no idea such a thing existed. She's the one who explained all about it to me and told me where she'd gotten hers (she's had hers for years!) I got mine from the place she recommended, They have a bunch of models - I got the low end (the B40, I think) but not the lowest (the lowest takes 3 minutes to make a cup, the low takes 30 seconds). The ones higher than that have timers, but I have no idea why you'd need a timer when it only takes 30 seconds to make a cup. My brewer was about $85 after discounts.

Green Mountain Coffee has a club where you can sign up to get coffee automatically delivered. That gets you a discounted price on all your coffee and your brewer, and you can cancel the club after your initial order (or, as I did, you can realize that this is the greatest thing since sliced bread and end up reordering more right away!). Also, if you get your brewer through them, it comes with a free sampler pack of all their coffee flavors. Not to turn this into a plug, but they do have a refer-a-friend thing where if I refer you, we both get a few free boxes of coffee, so if you're serious and you decide Green Mountain is the place you want to get it from and you're interested in getting the referral deal, email me through my page and I can send you a referral - you'll get about $25 in free coffee on top of the discounts and other stuff you get for joining the club. (If that gets me in trouble for spamming or something, just forget I said that!)

Or they also sell the brewers and kcups at Bed, Bath and Beyond, and there you can use the 20% coupon (though, IIRC, their initial price on the brewers is a bit higher than Green Mountain's so the end price ends up about the same - the coffee with the coupon is probably cheaper there though). Amazon also seems to have decent prices on the k-cups and they also give a discount if you sign up for automatic delivery.

Anyhow, I've had it for a couple months now. The coffee is great, though some people complain that they can't get it to brew strong enough (there are "extra strong" k-cups for that purpose, but I don't have any - I drink it black and the k-cups are plenty strong for me). We had a party a few weeks ago and everyone was in love with the fact that they could pick out what flavor coffee they wanted. Oh, and as for the grounds - you can pop the foil off the top of the used k-cup and dump the grounds into your compost if you wanted. And they do sell a filter that lets you put regular coffee into the kcup brewer but it gets mixed reviews on amazon so I haven't tried it.

I will say that my one complaint is that the coffee maker is kind of loud -- it has this pump that pumps the water and it makes this awful loud vibrating sound. That was a complaint on the amazon reviews I read, but people said it happened with certain brewers and if they returned it and got the exact same model, it didn't happen - I wonder if it's a hit or miss thing. Anyhow, the noise only lasts 20 seconds or so then it's done, so it doesn't bother me too much. Oh, one more thing - the maximum brew size is 10oz so if you brew into a big travel mug, it takes 2 cycles (and 2 kcups) to fill the mug - no way around this, I guess, but it's something to keep in mind if you're used to grabbing a big mug for your morning commute.

So anyhow, yes, I would definitely buy it again. I'm the only coffee drinker in the house and I hated having to brew a whole pot then waste half of it....or if I brewed the pot in the AM and I wanted coffee in the PM, I felt obligated to reheat from the pot instead of brewing fresh. Now I can have fresh coffee any time I want in whatever flavor/brew I want. So convenient!

Let me know if there are any other questions I can answer for you.

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lkplatow, thank you so much for the information. I am going to see if I can gently suggest to my husband our purchasing one. I will be happy to purchase through Green Mountain if I can coerce him into it. I will let you know. It sounds so neat having the different flavors and convenience of one cup and the speed with which it is made.

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beachlily z9a this an indication that homes are so big that it is a pain to get to the kitchen to make coffee. Or maybe--never having had kids--I'm missing something.

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I have a different take on the coffee in the bedroom.
Because of their health, we moved my elderly parents in to live with us.

We converted my living room (put all my furniture and accessories in storage) to a bedroom, complete with double doors to give my parents privacy.
The room now has a CraftMatic Queen bed, armoire for their clothes, TV, and on the other side two comfy tv-watching chairs and a cute bistro table between them.
But for some reason, my parents would rather hang out in the kitchen.
Did I mention the elderly wake up at the butt-crack of dawn? *smile*

Having my parents live with me turned out to be a little harder transition in this stage of my life than I had anticipated.
Most days are A-OK and I cherish the fact that I still have both my parents but in a 1475 sq. ft. home it can get a bit crowded. Throw in two boomerang adult children and it's butt-to-butt people in this small home.

There are those few days, here and there, that I am not in the mood to deal with anything or anyone, including my parents' early morning chit-chat or adult children's crisis du jour.

For that reason I set up a small 4-cup coffee pot in my bedroom,
You don't see the coffee pot when you walk into the have to walk all the way in and actually look to the other side of a tall bookcase to see the coffee pot.
Above the coffee pot is powdered creamer, sweet n low, plastic spoons, roll of paper towels, 1-lb can of coffee in Tupperware/sealed container and a couple of my favorite mugs all housed behind book shelf doors.

A little fern in a tabletop urn sits in front of the coffee maker and all I have to do is slide the urn over to get to the coffee pot....which is really hidden from view with the plant/urn in front of it when not in use .

I fill the coffee carafe from the sink in our cubby-hole of a master bathroom. Under the sink, in the vanity, I have a small squeeze bottle of Dawn dish detergent to wash the carafe when needed. Used coffee grounds go into the waste basket also kept under the sink.

Believe me when I say my little coffee area in our bedroom has been a life-saver many times for both me and hubby.
It gives us that little bit of private time that we had been missing.

Having that first jolt of java in us before having to face anyone.....means the difference between having family that love us and family that has to walk on eggshells. *smile*

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You post practically brought tears to my eyes. I love how you are caring for your parents AND children and have managed to make a little space for yourself. Even though I am not in your situation, I have two children who have taken over our house (we do NOT live in a large house!) and my idea of the coffee station was just simply something that I wanted for myself, a nice way to start my day before kids take over! :) Do you have a picture of your area? Thanks!

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I'm another one to recommend the Keurig. You can also purchase 80 k-cup boxes at Costco or Bj's, for a more reasonable price. They Only have a few flavor though.

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We have an upstairs media room with a small "concession stand"---microwave, refrigerator and sink. I plan to add the k-cup to the set up. This will be for those who like to have coffee before they drive home after a night of entertainment that may have included adult beverages and for me the next morning when I don't want to go downstairs right away. Now that we are empty nesters sometimes I'm doing "this and that" in the morning rather than making sure everyone else is on schedule, eating a decent breakfast and getting the homework or office work packed up and ready to go out the door with them. It's a luxury that I'm looking forward to enjoying along with the view from my bedroom window while I'm checking e-mail, watering plants, etc.

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I assume it depends on your particular situation--Amity's post really puts the idea into perspective. Good for you Amity!

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I am so looking forward to having a morning kitchen in the next house. It's a big place and the kitchen is down a flight or two of stairs. I'm going to take out a bathroom (there are too many) between what are now two bedrooms. The one bedroom will become a big master suite closet with washer and dryer (for family use) and between that room and the master will be a passage way morning kitchen. Currently it's a closet converted to a bathroom, so I'll split it in two with the hallway, one side will have a small sink, fridge and items for after dinner drinks and wine (glasses etc). The other side will have a built in coffee maker and a single dish washer drawer.

I can't claim to be the angel that amity is (and I mean that in sincerity! I love people who work their family into their lifes. It's the right thing to do) but I still love peace and sanity in a home with a small child. We have a lovely turret in the room and I can see myself getting up earlier than DS (I do that now) just for that hour of total peace and quiet, enjoying a lovely latte in my jammies :) And at night, the ability to have a glass of port after a long day is not to be sneezed at :) The ability to do it in peace is even better LOL

To plan one in a small room though, just think like a hotel (I don't think that's a bad thing by the way). Get a lovely try to set a 2 cup coffee maker on with the acoutremants (spelled terribly dang it) of a pot of coffee with any necessary additives (do you do cream, etc?) If necessary, put a tiny refridgerator somewhere for that stuff, or use the stuff that does not need refridgeration. A couple cups is of course a must as well as a nice napkin and spoon. If you put this all on a tray, and then set that on a dresser or side table, or even in the bathroom if you have a larger counter, you can easily take it to the kitchen with you after your morning coffee time and clean and refill your supplies, then return it to the bedroom during the day after all is tidy, ready for the next morning.

I'm sure before we start our remodel this will be my system :) I'm going to add this in our master closet in this house as soon as it's finished :) I have a nice big dresser top that will be free space (something I don't have much of now).

By the way, I used to make these trays up for an inn, so I know that once you're used to doing it daily it's about a 2 min clean up and refill. The key being the tray that is always used to carry things back and forth.

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I too have the Keurig coffee maker . It is in my master closet on a little foot stool . I have a small little cream pitcher I use for the water i bring in from the master bathroom sink just next to the closet. For right now I have my coffee on a shelf in the closet but am looking for a small little table with storage to put the coffee maker on and with storage for the coffee. I have not found the right thing as it can only be 11" wide by 10" deep I am talking a small space in my closet but it works and it out of the way and i can have my coffee in my bedroom. I am a lay in bed and watch TV girl in the winter so it is nice not to have to go to the kitchen for coffee and it keeps me out of the fridge and the snacks!!

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Well, I don't have all the privacy problems others have and my house is bigger than I need by myself but not so big that padding out to the kitchen is a chore. So, for those reasons, I probably wouldn't set up a coffee bar in the bedroom. I can foresee it going the way of the treadmill and becoming a place to hang clothes.

As to the coffeemakers, I am difinetly going to check into the Keurig. My kids gave me a Krups one or two cup coffeemaker several years ago and I like the coffee and convenience of it but it has one big drawback. It sputters and spews at the end of each cycle and there are no sides to keep it from spraying all over the counter and anything within a foot of it. The only problem with the Keurig is the supplies are not available locally. I can't always find the pods for the Krups locally either. Nearest town large enough to have them is 70 miles aways. Bummer! At least with Green Mountain I can order online with no hassle. (I do hang a dishtowel over it to keep the mess to minimum but if it were properly designed it wouldn't be necessary.)

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