changing a room into a bedroom?

jane__nyMarch 27, 2009

I have a fairly large room, 16 x 20, which we have always used as an office. It is on the main floor right off the front foyer. Large windows and its own powder room. It does not have any closets. We have bookcases along one wall.

I know a bedroom must have a closet to be listed as a bedroom. If I added a small closet, can this room be listed as a potential bedroom? Does adding a closet to a room require a permit?

It would be an odd place to have a bedroom, but would it hurt to list it as a 5th bedroom?


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You need to make sure your septic is rated for 5 bedrooms...

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I think in this economy, advertising something as 5 bedrooms might even scare people off. If you can afford to add the closet, or happen to at least have 1=2 large wardrobe type of cabinets to put in there, just keep it as an office, and/or put a daybed in there, and let people see possibilities for themselves when they show up. If they need another bedroom, they'll appreciate it alright, but if not, then they won't feel (sight unseen) that the house is too large, expensive, etc. (whether or not the price is on it) and their imaginations will 'make it' into whatever kind of room they want, such as another family room or something.

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In my opinion, it is too central for a bedroom. Would feel way too public. I went in a house that is just as you described. It was a tudor style and the bathroom was in the back of the large den. They always used the room as a den, and the bathroom was just that. Ironically, it was the best bath in the house and usually the one the adults used for showering. It was a bit of an awkward setup, so I understand your concerns.

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tishtoshnm Zone 6/NM

I would not limit it to a bedroom. Few people need more than 4 bedrooms so you are not hurting there. Advertise it as a room with lots of different potential, office, guest room, hobby room, den, etc.

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I'd add the wardrobes and advertise it as an office/guest room.

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