Attended a Real Estate Seminar

jane__nyMarch 27, 2009

They had the Town Inspector, a home Inspector, Realtor's from the surrounding area and a home stager. It was interesting despite that they were all trying to sell themselves...except for the Town Inspector. He discussed permits, etc. The home inspector was trying to convince everyone to hire him to get a preinspection of their home before they list it.

Found out the County does not permit roofs having more than two levels of shingles. They will force you to replace the roof (glad I put a new roof on as I had 4 layers). They discussed septics and stated they use the dye test which they consider useless and 'highly' recommend the buyers demand a thorough examination of the septic and all documents proving that it was maintained. Wells must be tested by the Health Department only, no more than 30 days before closing.

The Realtor said that people have an emotional response to a house within the first 10 seconds and if the response is negative they won't be interested in the rest of the house.

They pushed staging, big time. The stager showed homes which lingered on the market until she moved in and made simple changes and the house sold the same week. She showed before and after photos using the existing furniture but changing things around. How paint changes the way the rooms appear, including very dated rooms like old bathrooms and kitchens. Some were amazing because the only change was removal of wall-paper and a coat of paint.



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Seminars like this have to be put in perspective. If a person goes into with some knowledge and common sense, they will alway learn something, but it may not be right/legal. Some people have the tendency to tell the audience anything they want and believe it if they say it enough. Curious, who told you the county does not allow more that 2 levels of shingles--was it a regular county building inspector? Also about the septic tank--again was this from a official builing department person? When we sold in CA, we had to have the Septic tank empty and certified by a state license inspector. Since we were on a mutul water system all we had to prove that it was being tested per regulations.
We also had to have our roof certified by a inspector and signed in writing that it would last 7 years.
As to Staging, pictures are not always what they seem to be. Yes paint and decluttering can make a difference.
Yes it is always to a persons benefit to attent events like these, but find out who put them on and then check with your county/city building department.

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