the great british sewing bee

sunnycentralFLMay 5, 2013

This British challenge reminds be a bit of Project Runway with very positive messages. It is also very time consuming. Get a cup of tea or coffee and enjoy viewing or just listen to it as you sew. I have only viewed one episode. I plan to take âÂÂone a dayâÂÂâ¦lol

Episode 1: com/watch? v=19Fq_X_ xngU

Episode 2: com/watch? v=z5trYhyBMuI

Episode 3: com/watch? v=ZPaCDvog83g

Episode 4: com/watch? v=_o43QIwQQ48


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Oh thanks Gwen, I just watched the first episode. I love these kind of shows. :)


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Miss Gwen? Would you mind telling the name of the show? The links above won't work for me, and Google search, Youtube search can't find it either. I'd love to watch ...



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Akk, never, mind, I've found it, right in the heading of your post! I think I need another cup of coffee! In any case, THANKS for posting, and sharing about the show!

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Glad you found it, puddle of mud! Isn't coffee the best?

Faytay, I'm so glad you liked it.

I guess I just miss Downton Abbey...oh, well, here's to Jan. 2014 when it returns.


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These are wonderful!! Love the show! I'm glad they have them on-line so we can see them, too. I learned to sew making clothes,but haven't done anything like that in years! I would definitely be a challenge.


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