I'd like to automate my pool

weaseOctober 25, 2010

All of the controls for my pool and attached hot tub are manual. If I want to turn the hot tub on I need to turn 2 valves and flick the heater on manually. I also have two mechanical control units. One for the pool filter and the other runs the vacuum.

How can I automate this system? In the research I've done it looks like I would need:

-Digital Pool Timer (I'd like to get just one to control up to 3 devices)

-wireless handheld transceiver

-(2) Jandy actuators (24v?)

-transformer for actuators

-not sure how to get the heat turned on and adjusted wirelessly.

Thanks for any tips.

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A Pentair EasyTouch 4 will do it. The 520538 is the main controller for up to four high voltage (120/240 VAC) devices and comes with 2 valve actuators. They can also come bundled an Intellichlor salt cell if you want. You can also get wired or wireless remotes.


Here is a link that might be useful: Pentair EasyTouch Info

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Big ditto:

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You could also build your own system with switches if you like. You can keep you existing time clock and install a contactor to override the pump and relays to operate the valves and heater. you can wire it so that when you want to use the spa you just flip one switch and it will turn on the pump, turn the valves to spa and turn the heater to spa. If you want full remote automation I recommended the Pentair easy touch.

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Does that system come with the actuators, transformer, and something to control my heater temp? I looked online and it didn't really say.

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The part number I quoted has the actuators and two temp probes, one for water and one for air temp.

If you opt for a unit with a bundled salt cell, it's transformer is in th control enclosure.

Typically, a single pair of low voltage wire is used between the controller and the heater. The heater is set to on but the wires, when the control relay is open, prevents the heater from firing until the controller wants it to. You set the controller, it does the rest.


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