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sandlapper_roseMay 1, 2011

This thread is for comments, questions, and discussions among members of the Birthday Block Exchange Community for 2011 during the month of May. I will be tracking the blocks sent and received in May so please post to the thread listed by Birthday Block Exchange Group when you send and receive and it makes it much easier to determine the status on everything.

I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying some sewing time. Mine was really limited during April because I spent most of April helping with my triplet grandsons in CA. They are all doing really well. It seems odd that they are two months old as their due date approaches. The whole "preemie" situation is brand new to me! Here is a picture of them taken on Easter.

Now that I am back home, I need to get busy with my quilting again. I had so many UFOs leading up to this year and am trying to decrease the number by a whole lot! Does anyone else have that problem where you always want to start something new instead of finishing the things that are part way completed?

So, let us know what you have been doing with quilting or life in general. This heading is here so we can get to know each other a bit better!


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How precious! Any identical twins in there?

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The center and right ones are identical. Not an issue right now because one is quite a bit bigger than the other. We'll see if we can tell them apart later on. LOL

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What a delightful handful!!
As to UFO's "one day at a time". My life if filled with "UFO's"
TFS Jayne

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They are precious! How much do they weigh now? All 3 look the same to me ~LOL~ They look so cute.
My son was a "preemie" - not a multiple-just wanted to start his engine early and he has been running fast ever since. He will be 30 years old this month. They grow up so fast.

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I can't imagine the task of taking care of triplets! Glad they're all home and doing well. I'm sure the time you spent with them was an real eye-opener plus time you treasure. They are so precious.

UFO's? Plenty of those at my house. @:)


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The group seems to be rather quiet this month. How is everyone? I saw on one of the threads that Kate is having surgery, so keep her in your prayers and thoughts that she recovers quickly.
What has everyone been doing? I am staying busy holding down the fort here at home. My husband went to CA to help with the triplets... but it is time for him to come home so maybe I can get a few things done now. I can't believe how much time it took to take care of his chores and mine! It certanly slowed down my plans to get through lots of UFOs. The other issue is that the garden needs lots of attention this time of the year. We got lots of rain the other day though so that has really greened things up and gotten some of the little plants interested in growing. (Yes, I know so many places have had way too much rain. Not here though.)
In SC we need to enjoy March - May because after that it gets too hot to enjoy much of anything outside!
Happy sewing, everyone!

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Isn't it funny (no, not really:( when we plan on getting something accomplished, like your UFOs, some other thing cries out for our attention! Then our plans take a 360 & ... well, you know the rest!
I have been very hit & miss here lately. I'll be on 2 days in a row then off for a week. Life keeps getting in the way. My biggest problem these days is that I cannot quilt when I have little ones in my house. I could if they were mine! But when I have other people's children, I feel I need to give them all my attention. (Plus my sewing room is at the opposite end of the house from the family room) Depending on the day, I'll have anywhere from 1 child to 7. Unfortunately, the only 2 who are potty trained are in school part of the day! Seems like I change a lot of diapers or I'm taking someone to the potty! 2 of the boys are being potty trained & doig very well. But they are still at the stage where when they've gotta go, get out of the way! LOL
Of course, by the time they've all left & dinner is over, I'm exhausted!! It's not at all unusual for me to fall asleep before finishing dessert! LOL 'Course then I feel obligated to stay up late to make up for the 30 min I lost!
Right now I'm putting the binding on 2 graduation quilts & piecing (still) a 3rd. Also have a baby quilt & 'big brother' quilt to make as soon as the others are finished. I had hoped to get to a few UFOs by now but no way is that going to happen!
How does that line go?? 'Please stop the music - I'm dancing as fast as I can!' ?? Make it 'quilting as fast as I can' & that's me! ;) And probably a few others this time of year too!
How 'bout the rest of you?? What is everyone else doing?? *I hope we hear from Kay soon that all went well w/her surgery!


BTW - I'm jealous re:your garden! With all this rain ours isn't even IN yet! ('course neither is anyone elses', but geez!)

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The month is almost over and what a strange month it has been with all this destructive weather. I hope all of our Birthday Block group members are safe and that your families and your homes are safe, too. South Carolina is doing what it is famous for - being hot. I love my garden... except in the late spring and summer months!

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Arg! I got up this morning planning to spend the day sewing on my many, many UFO's. At one time I had the instructions for the quilts that I am working on packed with each of the unfinished quilts. I must have picked everything up in a hurry at one time because the instructions are no longer with the UFO's. I hope I don't spend most of the day just trying to find them! So frustrating... One of these days I will get back to being more organized!
Hope everyone is fine.

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I finaly finished my birthday block quilt from last year.
these were blocks from 2 groups and I made a half star border with plain binding.
thanks everyone

I will post a pick of the blocks from this years Piece Of Cake group when I get the last 2.

have a great week end everyone


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That border works beautifully with the quilt. Love all the bright, fun colors!

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Lots of great stars in your quilt, Michelle. Thanks for posting the picture.
I hope everyone is having a great Memorial Day Weekend.

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Your quilt looks wonderful Michelle. Will look forward to seeing this year's quilt when it's finished.


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Love those sleepin' babies! Aren't they adorable?

Michelle, your quilt is fantastic! So wonderfully scrappy! And I love that border - I'm going to remember that one!


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