Is anybody quilting this weekend? (May 12-13)

msmeowMay 11, 2012

I guess I can quilt tomorrow since DH is working - AGAIN. As I think I said last weekend, I cannot wait for this horrible job to be over. (Or for him to be over it.) I don't understand why he feels like he has to wait for the boss to make the decisions and doesn't just take charge of his own life. I'm close to suggesting he go live with the boss.

Enough ranting...I have a king size quilt on the frame. I quilted the first side of the 2 borders, now just need to decide how to quilt the middle. :)


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Who knows... It always seems to be better for me if I answer the question on Monday!!

I cut out 5" squares last night for a 9-patch variation. They are all laid out in order, and ready to sew into 9patches; then a slice, dice, reorganize and sew again.

I think it'll go quickly once I'm able to sit. We have a busy weekend, so not sure, but we'll see.

A Happy Mother's Day to all us moms, and our mothers and grandmothers! Enjoy your day!

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We are having our Vidalia Onion Festival Saturday and I'll swing by mom's Sunday.

Not a lot of sewing, but I am finishing up E. Burns Double Pinwheel quilt.

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY - I am not fond of this day - I want to be appreciated EVERY day lol!

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I don't plan to do any quilting this weekend. My kids are coming home tomorrow morning to stay through Sunday. My DGS will be here for his first visit. Can't wait to see him again! I bought a Pack 'n Play with a bassinet for him to sleep in. I also have two small floor quilts to give him.
I finished quilting two quilts this week. One is a Dr. Seuss quilt for a little boy's 4th birthday in August and the other is the QoV for the local soldier who was hurt in Afghanistan. There will be a welcome home for him on May 25 along with a parade. We hope to present the quilt to him at that time.
Happy Mother's Day to all the moms!
Linda OH

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Rosa, Would love to attend the Vidalia Festival! Do you buy a lot of them to keep?

LindaOH, You aren't excited or anything, are you? (chuckle)

I spent over 3 hours frogging about 10" of machine stitches on those center ties yesterday. I have to hand sew them down as it was too thick to go through my machine and too heavy to pull it through.....the hand sewing is half done. I've started working on Beverly's HST's and should finish that up tomorrow. The Brown's Choc Stars is ready to be sewn together and then birthed. I'll be happy if I can get that much done.


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Yeah Sharon make us look bad "I've started working on Beverly's HST's and should finish that up tomorrow."


Our parade is mainly millions of beauty queens and tractors!! It stops traffic on 301 and last year a few semis joined in just to get through town!

My BIL gave mom some so I traded a Paula Deen gooey butter cake for onions. I usually buy some and freeze them, they are really sweet but still burn your eyes some so I have to take my time.

My fav are the tomatoes, I have tomatoes all day long. The hard part is bending over to pick them, getting home drenched in sweat and red, THEN one of my sisters will call and we go back and pick more. I'm easy lol! The tomaotes are u pick for $8 a five gallon bucket.
I freeze some of them too! This part of living in the woods I love!!!

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This weekend will be busy with family coming in from out of town who I can't wait to see, especially my nephew who is walking at 10 months. If I do get any me time this weekend I plan to work on cutting fabric for my May LOTTO blocks. Hope everyone has a Happy Mother's Day! :-) My kiddo brought me home from school a construction paper Mother's Day heart card and inside it were hand-drawn pictures of me quilting and of my flowerbed - so he is actually paying attention and knows what I enjoy. :-) I love my kiddo. Hope everyone enjoys their weekend! :-)

Best to you,

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Ha! The way I work, there's nobody looking bad! Just wait til October and you'll see.

I actually guffawed about the semis in the parade to get through town. That is soooooooo funny!

I bought a couple Vidalia's a couple weeks ago and they had a good 'bite' to them. Maybe the ones out now aren't so bad. I probably should get a good bag full and get them frozen before I leave in a couple weeks. Love having them all ready cut for soups and sauces. Like to have frozen maters, too...can't beat that price. I used to make V-8 and freeze it, too. Now you've done made me hungry........

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Indeed, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all of you mothers, whether they be human, animal, or! My younger sister didn't realize that she could celebrate also since she's never had any kids, but the way she treats her two german shepherds is better than some mothers treat their children, so after explaining it to her, she's realized she's a momma too.
I found a great deal today at one of the local jewelry stores. I wanted to buy my mother a nice necklace, so I went shopping after work. They were having a 75% off sale, so would you believe I was able to pick up a great $200 necklace for just $50??? Yep, I'm still excited about that one! Now I've just got to find the right stuffed animal, card, and pick up a pack of almond joy candy bars, then head out to see my parents with lunch from KFC, and it'll be HMD to my mother. Her birthday is this month also, so we're heading to Red Lobster for her b-day lunch, and I'm going to have the wait staff treat her like a little girl with the balloons, cake, and of course a rousing round of Happy Birthday! She'll be turning 78, but I'd like them to treat her like an 8-year old... muhahahaaaa!
And I think that will all the "quilting" I'll be doing this weekend, albeit will be quilting of a fabric you can't find in a fabric store.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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My quarter inch foot and quilt guide bar arrived in the mail tonight, so I hope to at least play with them tomorrow :o) It's insane how excited I get over such small things :o)

We'll see how many needles I break... my machine defaults to the left needle position when I turn it on and you have to use the middle position for the quarter inch foot... I don't think I can change that default, but I'm used to changing to the piecing stitch anyway, so I may not have any problems.

I was going to look at embroidery machines, but I just had to spend an insane amount of money fixing the a/c in my 99 Accord, so I will have to put my embroidery desires on hold until I recover! It's just not an option to go without a/c in FL!

Hope everyone has a lovely mother's day weekend...

Donna, did you get to Silver Springs last weekend?

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Dan, I chuckled about KFC for Mother's mom has an extremely limited list of places she will eat, so we usually take her to IHOP for Thanksgiving. My friends are horrified when I tell them, but she's happy as a clam! :)

We did go to Silver Springs last Sunday. Poor ol' Silver Springs! There couldn't have been more than 200 people there. The river and the grounds are pretty, but the place is looking pretty dumpy. At least FL residents got 50% off admission! LOL


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I'm proud of you, Dan. Mine are all so far away and often forget.

I might get some piecing done. I have a bunch of HSTs here to trim up and send to Beverly and I know I'll do that at least. I get bogged down in house projects but this weekend looks more relaxed.

I have a Depression Block project going and I make a few HSTs for that now and then. Love that block. All Bev's fault.

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I am kind of excited this weekend. I have 2 more corners of the border to quilt on "Sylvia" and then I start the binding. Should be able to get that cut tomorrow and finished next week. I did some HST for Beverly.
I do envy those who live in the Vidalia country, I look forward to them each year. They become my "mainstay" for a few weeks as I love Onion Sandwiches. The couple I have bought so far haven't been as sweet as usual and had that bit Geezefolk spoke about. Must have been the same

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I tried out the quarter inch foot for about an hour last night while I was waiting on laundry to finish at 4 AM (the best time to sew is the middle of the night :o) and it worked great! I am just shocked at how easily my seams matched up on my blocks... I really did think I was sewing straight before, but obviously I wasn't! What a difference...

Donna.... that's too bad about the condition of Silver Springs, but good that you got to go. We went there on field trips with school and with family, but the last time I was there was probably in 5th grade, so that was back in 1995... I wonder how it has changed since!

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I did manage to make HST's for Beverly. By a lucky coincidence, E. Burns was showing a quick way to make them this past week, and exactly the right size!!! Other than that, busy in the yard, DH was off last week and cut some more trees and bush-hogged some brush, so I spent half the day yesterday dragging limbs across five acres to the mountain of limbs in the back. Guess he'll have to rent one of those monster chippers again in the fall. The kids wanted to go to Carraba's to treat me for Mother's Day today. I love the place but NOT on Mother's Day, I told my husband that I would rather go and get blood drawn!!! I told him I would be perfectly happy with KFC so I hope that's what will happen instead. Speaking of Silver Springs, about 10 years ago I went there and it took all of 10 minutes to see the whole place and the glass-bottom boat ride took MAYBE all of 30 minutes. Beautiful place but I can't see it drawing any crowds, not nowadays. Same thing with Bok Tower, I managed to drag DH there many years ago, he was so bored. Of course, being a nature and garden freak, it's right up my alley, but then I'm a dinosaur.

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I've been making really good constructive progress this weekend and feel good!!

I cut 180 5" squares on Thursday.
Friday I got them sewn into 9-patches.
Friday night I cut them apart, again.
Saturday, I sewed them together, again. And got them all pressed.

Maybe today I can get them trimmed. Then sewn together 4x5 and call it done! Nothing beats a quick project, especially after a dud!

May everyone do at least one thing for themself today!

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I may not quilt, but I will get the baby/lap quilt loaded in the frame. DD#2 didn't have to work today, the store owner closes for Mother's Day (isn't that nice of him) so she is here till tomorrow. Gonna just have some fun.


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I am begining a new baby quilt. A new machine and it was suggested that I make someting small and get used to the machine. Great fun!

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I am going to a quilt retreat in a few weeks, so I am cutting and preparing stuff to take with me. I want to take the 1930s square birthday blocks that I got this year and add about 30 more of them to make a over-sized queen quilt for my mom. I am cutting out all the pieces so that all I have to do is piece the blocks while at the retreat. I also have several applique blocks that I need to complete from a BOM that I am doing. I am backbaste appliqueing these, so I am going to have all the backbasting completed so that I can just applique at the retreat.


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