sdemjsullyOctober 26, 2012

Anything special we should do to 'batten down the hatches'?

Our pool is still in a construction phase and is surrounded by huge hill of dirt and rocks. We live on the East Coast, in S-eastern PA, and are set to take a direct hit from Frankenstorm, aka Hurricane Sandy.

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I was wondering the same thing. We are in central NJ where we may get a direct hit as well. We just had rebar put in so I am nervous about all of the dirt and rocks as well. I am wondering if the storm can do any damage to what I have so far.

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Ensure any elevated surfaces won't drain into the pool.

@lookingforapool - If all you have is rebar and rough plumbing, there may be some wash out of the walls. The PB will have to dig it out. He may have to put a fiber board backer for the wall if there is too much space. Normally, the guniters shoot against earth but for things such as spa walls and raised beams, the backer board is not unusual. Any back fill should be compressed in 6 to 12" lifts.

To those with already built pools:

Bring in the furniture and umbrellas. A 60 MPH gust will pick things up and deposit them elsewhere and in a hurry at that. If they have to stay out, at least take the cushions off and bring them inside and put the furniture on near a West facing wall, out of the wind. Turn tables upside down so the wind can't catch them.

Tie cover pumps on solid safety covers down with stout string (mason twine works) in at least 3 or 4 places to the ground to keep them from flying. Tent stakes won't be deep enough for the pump but might be for the hose.

Some Home Depots have 2' lengths of rebar. These make excellent stakes. Pounding them 18 to 20 inches in the ground should give you something to tie against with some strength.

Unplug step pumps for now. We want as much water holding the pool down as possible. The water table will be rising until shortly after (a day or two) the storm.

Good luck to all.


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