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mirucaApril 8, 2013

Where oh where should sink lighting go? I've seen this item buried in other threads - but I have a need for a specific focus that hopefully will put the comments in one place ... so I can assess what to do by tomorrow!

We are using 4" Cree recessed lights.

There seems to be two options - a) the traditional centered over the sink light, or b) a light to either side of the sink.

Currently, I have lights to "either side of the 30" sink base. There are four lights 12" from wall and 36" apart (from center of light to center of light). There are no upper cabinets in this area.

Although I read about the "either side" approach, I've never seen it so I wonder whether it will provide enough direct light over the sink. Does anyone have this arrangement and could you post a picture?

OR should I stick to the traditional one directly over the sink ... if so, then do you have suggestions for laying out the lights as it changes the symmetry ( or the coverage if say 3 instead of 4 lights are used)

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Personally I like one directly over the sink. I suppose with flood lights on each side you'd get overlapping and possibly have enough, but I like bright DIRECT lighting over my sink. sometimes this light and the undercab lights are all I have on. Even in the day time I want that extra light, when it may not be necessary to burn all my other can lights.

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Sophie Wheeler

You want one directly over the sink. How that changes your layout is that instead of the light on the right being over the sink run, it should be in line with the ones on the range run. It barely changes it's position. You also need more light on the range run. Another recessed in front of the cabinet to the right of the range. Figure out the projection of your crown molding, and place it an inch or two in front of where the crown hits the ceiling.

You also want more than just 4 in the dining area. And only 2 over the island isn't enough either. If that is supposed to be the primary prep zone, you'll need a lot more light. Maybe some pendants, or a chandelier that coordinates with the one in the DR.

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Thanks. Sounds like direct over the sink is the way to go.

I would think that the island is getting light from all three rows of lights - not just the two directly over it.

Right now there at 14 lights in this 14 x 13'6" area - which is greater than the recommended 35 lumens per square foot -so I would consider reconfiguring but probably not adding more.

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