Our buyer's agent has been lying to us.

MissLeafyMarch 25, 2014

Here is the story. We put in an offer on a foreclosure and the bank responded with a counter offer within a week. The problem is that our real estate agent didn't tell us that crucial information until 7 days later. The day we found out, we told her to put in a counter offer. Today, a full TWO WEEKS later, we called the listing agent to find out that she didn't even submit the offer until today. Thus, that makes 3 whole weeks that the bank has not heard from us. Since the bank is allowed to start taking other offers after 20 days, they took someone else's offer and are working with them now. This is, of course, because of our agent's negligence. This whole time she has been saying that she hasn't heard anything back about our offers, all while never having submitted any of it. Do you think she is somehow benefitting from holding off until other offers show up? Why would she do this? It was going to be such a good investment and we are going to miss out. Should we sue her?

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There's nothing to sue for. Dump her and find someone a lot better, and write up your experience and send to both her broker/office manager as well as the local board of realtors.

Then find a better agent. You can't sue anyone for being stupid and lazy.

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If the real estate agent is an actual realtor, you can file a complaint against her in many states. Failure to submit offers would be sufficient for a claim in our state. Won't get you anything, but might prevent it from happening to others.

I can't imagine how she would be benefitting from failing to submit, as long as she's not representing the other buyers too--could just be complete incompetence.

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I would dump her but contact the owner/manager of the agency she works with.

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Why not ask her why she did not submit the offers?

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And, I would not be so sure about the advice that you have no grounds to sue.

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I don't think it makes a difference why she didn't submit the offers so I wouldn't bother asking. Hearing the excuses would just make me madder. She lied and caused the OP to lose the house which is all that matters.

I agree that her behavior isn't "actionable", but the managing broker should be fully apprised of the situation.

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How do you know that it is your agent and not the listing agent that is lieing to you?

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What Pixie said - and I would also ask if it was faxed and if she maybe didn't follow up to see that it was received. Those things are notoriously unreliable - if that's what happened she would be negligent but not a liar.

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Well, you don't know that the bank would have accepted your counter offer. Unfortunately, other than filing a complaint with her office and maybe the board of realtors, I don't think there's much you can do. I would ask her, however, why she didn't submit your counter offer to get her side.

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You say "The day we found out, we told her to put in a counter offer."
Was your counter-offer in writing or verbal?

Is this to be your full-time residence and is it a Fannie/Freddie foreclosure?

I know some very ethical foreclosure listing agents that I trust their word and others that I believe almost nothing they say

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