What color should I stain my deck?

rsoronenMay 6, 2012

Hi everyone! I need help in picking a color to stain my deck. Right now it's just a weathered greyish "wood" color. I was thinking a medium dark brownish, kind of coordinating with the brown in our bricks, but we've also been thinking of doing a grey, which is the color of all our siding. Here are photos - what do you think??

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I'd go with the gray as it won't be so hot on bare feet and also will look cheerier than dark. Why not just seal the natural aged tones you have on it now or you could enhance the existing tones with a nice driftwood shade. It blends so well with all the nature that surrounds you.

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On my old house, which was grey exterior, I had SW Decskcapes in cedar. It was a really beautiful,rich color.

Unfortunately, the deck on this house had been painted, so we just painted it again. We have a nice cocoa color.

Here is a link that might be useful: SW Deckscapes

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You have a wonderful, huge deck in a beautiful backyard. You would need to do the benches as well as the railing and steps. If it were mine, I would clean it well then put on a protective coating. That alone will enhance the color and protect it from mildew and wear and tear. You have a lot of deck to cover and if you do a stain, it will NOT be permanent. It doesn't matter which type you purchase and use, it will need to be touched up and/or restained at least every few years and that is if it is applied perfectly. If you decide to deepen or change the color later, you can do it after you've sealed it. If you darken the color with stain and decide in a few years that you wish you hadn't, stripping it all off would be a nightmare and would damage your wood. A colorful unbrella for your table, plants in pots, and some decorative throw pillows would really finish it all off.
We purchase our house with a dark stained deck on it and I HATE it. It is hot and the maintenance is a killer.

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