would you do a pool again?

peytonroadOctober 18, 2013

Those of you who have pools for several seasons-would you go thru the process again? Would you change anything?

Is the upkeep too much, winterizing? Do you pay someone to close it?
Any info would be helpful!

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If the question is would I do it again at this point in life, I would say no. We installed our pool 6 years ago after debating the issue for several summers. If your children are young- yes do it now. I wish we would have installed it when we first considered the idea and our children were younger. They used it a great deal initially.

My son is now in college and my daughter in high school. This summer the pool was used very little for actual swimming. It does provide a nice back drop to our outdoor activities. We have a large patio, pergola, retaining wall system and outdoor fire feature. We host many outdoor gatherings for our children's friends and at this age they socialize around the pool area but aren't wearing swim suites and swimming. That occurred when they were younger. Now the pool area is more aesthetics.

Don't get me wrong, my wife and I float around in it on those hot Saturday/Sunday afternoons but as far as entertaining with pool activities that doesn't happen as much. Our friends sit around for drinks, conversation, and outdoor fires but not swimming.

I guess it really depends on the stage of life you are in. Right now, if redoing a yard, I would opt for the outdoor features we have minus the pool ($50K savings).

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YES YES YES. Our pool is 25 yrs old. We have always LOVED it, and used it a lot. Some fun parties using that pool.
We are now in the process of getting that pool remodeled.

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Good points have been brought up.

Don't build a pool for your kids if you yourself don't want one. The kids grow up quickly and if the pool goes unused, then it does indeed become a burden.

I swim laps almost every day that I'm home. Might be a couple of laps. Might do a half-mile. But I like the pool. I like to swim. The minimal maintenance doesn't bother me at all, because I personally benefit from the pool.

On the other hand, my wife might go in the pool a handful of times a year.

We do have a spa off to the side, that gets used as well.

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Hi - I have wanted a pool my entire life. But, when we bought our current house (17 years ago), my oldest was 4 and I was 7 months PG with the youngest. One of our requirements at that point was no pool - due to safety - but room for a pool as we "matured" and the kids learned to swim. We always intended to put in a pool when the boys were old enough to learn to swim. We had the perfect back yard for a pool . I love swimming and have always wanted my own pool. Fast forward - both of my sons did learn to swim. They became competitive swimmers at a very young age. I have spent many, many days/months/years on the edge of a pool cheering my kids on. It was heartbreaking (for me) when my oldest who was an All American with Olympic Qualifying times decided he was going to retire so that he could concentrate on academics and his political aspirations (day one of internship with a congressman was day one of gov't shutdown - LOL - great stories there!). So what is my input? People say we are crazy for doing a new pool build at "our age". We are close to retirement (downsize). My kids are no longer swimming competitively. But, this is for ME! I have always wanted a pool for my enjoyment and entertainment. It is coming together beautifully.

My hope and dream is that my grandkids will learn to swim in my pool and I will become a "Swim Grandma" cheering the grandkids on to loving this sport!.

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mongotc, we agree with your post. We have our pool for 5 years now and can't dream of not having one. We built our pool for us and we love it. We swim in it every weekend from Feburary to November. It is a SPOOL, aka social pool. All our friends come to our place to hang out in the pool, Grill out and watch Nascar and Football while swimming in the pool. We only wish we have more entertaining space however what we have seems to always work out.

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Thanks all for posting your input!

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I agree with all the others. Build a pool for you. I believe, and always have, that you're either a pool person or you're not. My 80 year old mother would use a pool every day if she could. My dad's legs haven't seen the sun in 15 years. I'm like my mom. Always had a pool, always loved a pool, will always have a pool.

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I'm a new pool owner and don't have seasons behind me but would too echo the build it for you comments. My wife and I both love the water and have spent the majority of our summers together in my wife's parents pool (they didn't mind and we would always bring food/drink).

We did want our son to grow up loving the water (which he does) but our pool was put in for the wife and me. Even after only a month and with the weather cooling rapidly, the pool has had a lot of use. We're really looking forward to next summer and having the whole summer to use it.

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